Current Position (s)Député
PartyDéi Gréng – Remich
Previous Position
Birth Date07/05/1961
LocationEst, Canton de Remich, Luxembourg


Henri Kox was born on 7 May 1961 in Luxembourg.

Education and qualifications

After obtaining his final vocational diploma from the Institut supérieur de technologie, Henri  Kox obtained a  diploma in engineering from the RWTH Aachen in 1990.

Governmental posts

Following the cabinet reshuffle on 11 October 2019, Henri Kox joined the coalition government formed by the Democratic Party (DP), the Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP) and the Green Party (déi gréng). He was appointed Minister for Housing, Minister Delegate of Defence and Minister Delegate for Internal Security. 

Other political posts

A member of the Green Party since 1996, Henri Kox was elected at local level to the municipal council of the city of Remich in 1999. Following the municipal elections of 2005, he was elected alderman and, from 2009 to 2017, Henri Kox was the mayor of Remich. Following the legislative elections of 2004, he joined the Chamber of Deputies. He was re-elected in 2009, 2013 and 2018.

In Parliament, Henri Kox assumed among others the role of president of the Housing Committee and was member of the Internal Security and Defence Committee, the Finance and Budget Committee and the Environment, Climate, Energy and Spatial Planning Comittee.

Professional activities

Henri Kox became a professor-engineer in 1990 and taught at the Lycée technique des arts et métiers in Luxembourg until July 2004.

During his time as president of Eurosolar Luxembourg a.s.b.l. from 2002 until his inauguration, Henri Kox was very active in the field of renewable energies.



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