Madeleine Rohrer, former municipal councilor in charge of mobility, the environment and urban planning, will be among the candidates who will validly represent the Greens in the provincial elections of October 22, 2023. Her name was revealed during a meeting of executives of the party held at the Cultural Center of Merano. The participants in this meeting hailed the qualities and merits of the new candidate for the regional elections.

“Madeleine Rohrer has shown competence and firmness in the commitments made in recent years, both as a protagonist of municipal politics in Merano and as director of the largest provincial association in this area”, underlined the leader of the Greens Brigitte Foppa. “We are very happy to have her and her qualities in our team.”

Outgoing councilor Riccardo Dello Sbarba referred to Rohrer’s experience in urban planning: “With Madeleine Rohrer, the nature and landscape of South Tyrol will continue to have a strong supporter at their side in the future. Her government experience in Merano is also particularly valuable quality in this sense.”

For her part, Madeleine Rohrer demonstrated that to protect the province’s environmental future and cherish the precious sources of life, we must act now, without delay and have the courage to establish clear priorities.
“We must work to make our territory climate-friendly and a pioneer in building a sustainable future. Now is not the time for baby steps or events on their own,” she explained. South Tyrol and its natural habitat, as we know it, are neither eternal nor able to withstand the damage we cause to them indefinitely.”

Rohrer recalled that nature needs its space, but that the distribution of housing must also have its balance and sustainability. She called for concrete solutions for “the young people and families we are currently leaving alone in a hellish housing market”.
She underlined that reflection and actions for a new mobility model are also an integral part of a concretely sustainable South Tyrol.

“We get stuck in queues and suffocate in exhaust fumes, and yet more and more roads are being built,” says Rohrer. “We have to dare something new and take active countermeasures. A concrete example ? A provincial ticket at a very limited cost that applies to all public transport. A sustainable and economical alternative for everyone that decongests the arteries and lightens people’s lives.”

Many Rohrer supporters were also present at the presentation at the Merano Cultural Center, including former provincial councilors Cristina Kury and Hans Heiss and former Merano mayor Paul Rösch.

The 2023 regional elections in Trentino-Alto Adige are held on October 22, 2023 to elect the 70 members of the XVII Legislature of the Regional Council of the Autonomous Region of Trentino-Alto Adige for a five-year term.
The ballot consists of two separate provincial elections in the autonomous province of Bolzano and that of Trento, whose elected officials will form the regional council.

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