Green Party delegates launched their campaign ahead of the federal election in October. On Saturday March 25, they presented their campaign themes, defining their watchwords for the June 18 votes.
The Greens intend to continue the success achieved in the last elections of 2019, where they made a great breakthrough. The Green Party won 13% of the vote for the House of Representatives, almost 6% more than in 2015 and its best result yet. The centrist Liberal Greens also increased their vote share to 7.9% from 4.6%.

“We want to bring change to the Federal Council,” said Geneva State Councilor and campaign manager Lisa Mazzone. It is with a “desire for the future” and a “hope” that the party begins the campaign. “We came to stay”.

The Swiss Green and Liberal Green parties have promised to mobilize for the climate, biodiversity and a more egalitarian society.
Regarding the votes of June 18, the environmentalist party accepted the climate law, which defines concrete measures in terms of climate protection. On the other hand, they decided to leave the freedom of vote concerning the minimum taxation of the OECD. With this project, the profits of large internationally active companies will be taxed in Switzerland at at least 15% from 2024.
The Greens have also decided to support the popular initiative “for modern citizenship (initiative for democracy)”. Launched by Action des quatre quarts, it aims to facilitate the naturalization of anyone residing in Switzerland for five years and meeting objective criteria.

Of course, the takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS was also discussed. Party chairman Balthasar Glättli (ZH) called for the Swiss financial center to be climate-friendly. “Economy also means responsibility,” he said in an interview with Keystone-ATS.

The Federal Council should “set the climatic conditions for the new monster UBS” and ensure that the risks are reduced in the future by introducing a separate banking system, continued the Zurich resident. “If the State releases 209 billion in public funds, compliance with climate objectives must be a condition. This is what we ask,” Balthasar Glättli said in his address to delegates. … If the climate was a big bank, the Federal Council would have saved it already.”

The Greens passed a resolution on Credit Suisse, demanding effective rules for a safe and sustainable financial centre.

Billy Omeonga

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