France is facing days of national mobilization at the call of the inter-union against the pension reform, in a social climate which has deteriorated further since the adoption in Parliament of the bill via the controversial recourse to 49.3 . In recent evenings, many unauthorized gatherings as well as blockages have taken place all over France, sometimes calm, often tense. Environmentalists have through a press release denounced the police violence observed during these demonstrations.

We are witnessing a multiplication of testimonies of illegal use of force by the police and the gendarmerie. The problem is unfortunately not new, these excesses are based on a national law enforcement system (SNMO), which chooses confrontation and does not ensure sufficient protection of fundamental rights. After weeks of mobilization, the political tension translates into nervousness and an upsurge in police violence. The violence of the government is thus coupled with police violence to repress the mobilizations.

Images of protesters lined up against a wall or police refusing to pull a baby out of a trap are extremely shocking. On Saturday March 11, a student from Lycée Colbert in the 10th arrondissement of Paris ended her demonstration at the hospital after receiving a disencirclement grenade in the face. In Nantes, four students filed a complaint for “sexual violence by public authority” after being subjected to a body search during a police trap on March 14.

We would like to recall our opposition to the technique of encirclement, contrary to the principle of de-escalation. In addition, the use of fish traps is correlated with widespread misuse of tear gas. Amnesty International showed in its investigation that it raises “questions about the lack of regulation on its appropriate use and standardized formulations of toxicity, the questionable decision-making process of police operations managers and the lack of training many policemen. the people who use it. Similarly, the use of weapons of war in law enforcement operations, such as disencirclement grenades or flashballs, does not meet a need. On the contrary, this use of weapons presents dangers both for the demonstrators and for the police themselves.

Ecologists, we believe that our fellow citizens should never have to get used to the backsliding of their rights and the use of force outside of any principle of proportionality. We call on the government to shed light on these actions and fundamentally change the doctrine of policing. As recalled by the Constitutional Council, the right to demonstrate is a fundamental right which must be guaranteed by the public authorities.

Police violence and tactical brutality must stop!

Sophie BUSSIERE and Aminata NIAKATE, national spokespersons for EELV
EELV’s Prevention, Security & Public Tranquility Commission

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