The state meeting of the Verdi – Grüne – Vërc took place in Kolping in the autonomous province of Bolzano. On the agenda were the election of 9 delegates to the Green Council, the support of the Green citizen lists of Lana and Leifers for the next municipal elections and the launch of the European candidacy of Brigitte Foppa.

Among the 17 candidates for the Green Council, Andrea Rossi, Cornelia Brugger, Erica Fassa, Gabriel Prenner, Inge Mahlknecht, Lea Casal, Majda Brecelj, Maximilian Gartner and Sabine Giunta were elected. They will remain in office for the next two years. The two co-presidents Luca Bertolini and Elide Mussner were satisfied.

In her political speech, Co-President Elide Mussner emphasized the importance of looking to the future with optimism, even when we find ourselves in times of great challenges. “We no longer need destructive rhetoric, but constructive hope,” she said, “to promote the social and economic change already underway.” Let’s look at what is already in motion, there are so many things in motion. If green issues are now at the center of public and political debate, it is the result of the persistence of those who continue to believe that politics has the role of shaping the future and promoting change. And we are building the future now, with confidence and optimism.”

Luca Bertolini, co-spokesperson of the party, returned to the question of green identity: “We know where we belong, but our credo is to speak to everyone! We don’t give up, we make compromises to take a step forward. The identity of a party is built over time, through people! said Bertolini, who concluded by hoping that we stay close to the people who are looking for answers, knowing that we do not move with the wind. We are true to our principles,” he said.

Words of thanks and appreciation were addressed to all those who have worked for the party over the past years: Erica Fassa, the outgoing treasurer, Verena Kraus, Lana, long-time local Green Village List councillor. Special congratulations were addressed to the municipalities of Leifers and Lana, which will elect a new municipal council on May 26, as well as to their main candidates Luisella Raveane and Joachim Staffler.

The meeting ended with the highly anticipated intervention of Brigitte Foppa, candidate of the Greens-Left alliance for the European elections. In her speech, Foppa reiterated the social importance of the European Union, “a project of peace and coexistence, a project which needs our support more than ever, in a world with precarious balances. Our race is not easy, but the obstacles are surmountable. We are seizing this opportunity today with more determination than ever,” she said.
“The European Greens’ electoral program is based on important values: security, peace, prosperity. It is time to update the European Constitution and defend it. We want a fairer, more innovative, more sustainable and stronger Europe. Europe is our home, it is our hope, we must take care of it,” she concluded.

It is this state assembly which will guide the party with enthusiasm and determination in the upcoming challenges of the European elections and in the preparation of the municipal elections next spring.

Billy Omeonga

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