“They have chosen dishonor, they will have dishonor and defeat,” responded Marine Tondelier to Bruno Le Maire’s call not to vote for la France insoumise in the second round of the legislative elections on July 7.
The national secretary of the Ecologists was very moved this Monday morning after the words of the Minister of the Economy refusing to call for a vote for the LFI candidates against the RN
Marine Tondelier confided that she was “appalled and extremely angry” at the voting instructions given by Bruno Le Maire for the second round of the legislative elections. “Does the National Rally have the possibility of being in an absolute majority in the National Assembly? The answer is yes”, she began before continuing: “Does La France insoumise have the capacity to be the absolute majority in the National Assembly? The answer is no”. Marine Tondelier was very upset and she made it known: “Do they have the capacity to have a Prime Minister? is no. So he’s got the wrong problem,” she said.

On the verge of tears, the leader of ecologists wanted to reconsider this position. “I am very moved because I have lived for 10 years in a city run by the National Rally,” confided Marine Tondelier who lives in Hénin-Beaumont, in Pas-de-Calais. Coming to her senses, the 37-year-old municipal councilor then attacked the former Sarkozy minister: “What Bruno Le Maire has just done is cowardly and privileged behavior. It’s above ground, it’s lunar and it doesn’t live up to the story,” she continued, holding back tears.

Continuing his strong criticism, the ecologist considered that Bruno Le Maire was “wrong with the problem” while La France insoumise is not in a position to obtain the absolute majority of seats at the Bourbon Palace unlike the RN. “Fortunately, left-wing and ecological voters are less sectarian and less cowardly than that. Because that’s why they won in 2017 and 2022,” she said before concluding her speech: “They chose dishonor today. They will have dishonor and defeat.

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