Current Position (s)Deputy Leader
PartyGreen Party of Prince Edward Island
Previous Position
LocationDistrict 21(not elected), Clinton, Prince Edward Island, Canada


Entrepreneur, mother, and forward-looking Islander, Lynne Lund (née Gallant) is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island, working closely with leader Peter Bevan-Baker. As a mother to two young boys, she has a vested interest in the future for the province. Lund is passionate about shaping that bright future through an approach to politics that is honest, collaborative, and has a long term plan for addressing the problems we face. She was instrumental in developing the Green Party of PEI’s 2015 platform focused on good governance, education, economic renewal, and social and environmental responsibility, and played a key role in Bevan-Baker’s 2015 election victory. Lund currently chairs the Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet and serves as Critic for Economic Development and Tourism.

Lund has been a consistent voice for expanding the metrics used to determine the performance of the province, recognizing that using GDP alone is short-sighted. Favouring evidenced-based decision making, Lund would like to see a full range of factors considered, from rates of poverty and childhood food insecurity, to access to affordable housing and wages, which better reflects how well we’re converting economic activity into tangible benefits that Islanders see in their day to day lives. 

Lund is passionate about building community and sees the economy as a vehicle to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. While government portfolios often exist in silos, Lund’s view that the economic development portfolio can directly impact poverty, culture, rural revitalization, and ecological sustainability inspires her to think outside the box when it comes to expanding economic policy for PEI. 

Phone: 902-436-6953
Campaign Headquarters: 674 Water Street East, Suite 10, Summerside PE



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