Malaysians are preparing to elect the deputies who will constitute the 15th Legislative Assembly of the Malaysian state of Selangor. And the green party intends to take an active part in these elections which promise to be decisive.

But the participation of the Malaysian Green Party in these polls depends on the administrative authorities who must approve the party’s request before the start of these elections scheduled for a few months.

The Green Party of Malaysia is therefore urging, ” the Registrar of Societies to approve its application in time to allow it to contest in the upcoming Selangor state election.”

Very active on issues surrounding the degazetting of the Selangor Forest Reserves, the Green Party of Malaysia is a new political formation in the political sphere of the country. It focuses on highlighting environmental issues in Malaysia and protecting forest reserves.

Established in 2010, the Green Party of Malaysia or Parti Hijau Malaysia has remained a virtual online movement for many years. The original intention of Founder Azlan Adnan was to empower and unite all Environmental NGOs (ENGOs) in Malaysia and push the green agenda into Malaysian political consciousness.

The upcoming elections in the Malaysian state of Selangor will be a first electoral experience for the Malaysian Green Party, which hopes to win some seats in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly. The party has already launched into the battle to better ensure its victory.

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