Following the resignation of James Beddome last fall after 14 years at the helm of the Manitoba Green Party a leadership race has been called and four candidates have come forward. Today GlobalGreen.News is profiling each of them to see what they have to offer and in which direction they plan to take the party in if elected by Green Party members on March 23rd.

Janine G. Gibson

Jaine G. Gibson, 2023 Green Party of Manitoba Leadership Candidate

Janine G. Gibson, a seasoned environmentalist and expert in organic agriculture, is running for leadership of the Manitoba Green Party. With a lifelong commitment to protecting ecosystem health and promoting sustainable living, Janine brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the race.

Janine is a co-founder of a solar-powered co-op farm in southern Steinbach and has worked with local and national communities to advance environmental causes. Her academic background in psychology and human ecology, combined with her role as president of the International Organic Inspectors Association, has equipped her with the skills necessary to develop and implement policies aimed at transforming the current extractive capitalism and industrial agriculture systems.

Throughout her career, Janine has demonstrated a commitment to promoting, collaborating, and nurturing high-quality teams. As the national president of Canadian Organic Growers and co-founder of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba, she has worked to build organic agriculture teams in Manitoba. She currently represents Manitoba on the Organic Federation of Canada and the Organic Standards Technical Committee and is on the Executive of Hogwatch Manitoba and Our Line in the Sand MB, where she strives to hold business and government accountable.

As a proud mother and grandmother, Janine is deeply committed to leaving a healthy and sustainable world for future generations. Her passion for environmental protection, combined with her experience and knowledge, make her a strong candidate for leadership of the Manitoba Green Party.

Dennis Bayomi

Dennis Bayomi, 2023 Green Party of Manitoba Leadership Candidate

Dennis Bayomi, a lifelong Winnipegger and community activist, is running for the leadership of the Manitoba Green Party. Bayomi, who has been a member of the party since 2019, is a seasoned IT professional with a career spanning over three decades, primarily at the University of Manitoba Bannatyne Campus.

As a candidate, Bayomi believes that the Green Parties around the world are needed more than ever and if elected as leader, he would work hard to encourage Manitobans to support the Manitoba Green Party and elect its first Green MLAs. He has made it his top priority to continue engaging with party members, help recruit more support, money, volunteers, and members, and emphasize mentoring young members.

Bayomi is well-equipped for the role, having served in various capacities within the Manitoba Green Party including as a Council and Membership Coordinator and Chair of the IT & Data Oversight Committee. He has also been a member of the Recruitment-Training-Retention (RTR) Committee since 2020.

In addition to his IT career, Bayomi has a strong background in community activism and has served on various boards and steering committees including the Manitoba Eco-Network, Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library, Basketballs for Inner City Kids, Winnipeg Vegetarian Association, and Inner City Kids Computer Club.

In his free time, Bayomi enjoys leisure activities such as cycling, winter-walking, playing basketball, composting, listening to music, reading, and watching football, hockey, and comedy. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba and an MSc in Community Health Sciences from the same institution.

With his experience and passion for green values, Dennis Bayomi is a strong contender for the leadership of the Manitoba Green Party.

Nicolas Geddert

Nicolas Geddert, 2023 Green Party of Manitoba Leadership Candidate

Nicolas Geddert, a long-time member of the Green Party of Manitoba, is running for the leadership of the party. Geddert has represented the party in two campaigns in Elmwood (2019) and Fort Whyte (2022) and has been involved in numerous initiatives within the party, including the development of the IT committee and conflict resolution committee, as well as supporting youth initiatives and providing opportunities for training and education with community leaders and professionals.

Geddert has served on various community boards and committees, including the Spence Neighbourhood Association and the Community Roots Resource Centre, and has built strong relationships with many community groups and non-profits. He is experienced in leading teams, whether in construction projects, youth sports, coaching and mentorship, or politics.

Geddert is eager to take the party to the next level. He aims to establish Constituency Associations in several ridings, create a strong youth movement trained in politics, and raise the stature of the party to attract high-calibre candidates with a chance of winning seats. He also wants to give party members the opportunity to analyze green politics, promote media literacy within the party, and provide opportunities for a diverse membership to engage and adapt to their own political struggles.

According to Geddert, there is a growing desire for political, economic, and social change, and he believes the Green Party of Manitoba can be at the forefront of that change by offering safe spaces for political engagement, policy development, and legislative progress for Manitobans. Geddert sees the Green Party as having the potential to become a model for new government and is eager to work towards making that a reality.

 Donovan McIntosh

Donovan McIntosh, 2023 Green Party of Manitoba Leadership Candidate

Donovan McIntosh, a member of the Green Party who goes by they/them, has announced their candidacy for the leadership of the Manitoba Green Party (GPM).

As a student and enthusiast of political theory and strategy, McIntosh believes in the observation, study, and practice of such theory. They believe that the Green Party is the party that values the future above all else, as demonstrated by their involvement in various initiatives and groups advocating for young people and environmental and animal rights issues.

McIntosh’s vision for the future of the Green Party aligns with their vision for the world – future-first. In their leadership, they aim to retain members through important events and controversies and to take strategic care in diplomacy with those across the political spectrum. They believe that policy should be proactive and always receptive to the needs of the public and the planet.

“We must endeavor to be one step ahead of the present with a living, breathing platform that is not reactive but always receptive to the needs of the public and the planet,” said McIntosh.

What happens next?

The election for the leadership of the Manitoba Green Party will be held in the coming months, and McIntosh is confident that their passion and commitment to the party and its values will make them a strong candidate.”

The next few weeks will be crucial for the aspiring leaders of the Manitoba Green Party. During the probation period until February 8, 2023, they must complete the registration process with Elections Manitoba, pay the entrance fee, and pass the party’s vetting procedures. After these steps are completed, they will officially become contestants in the race. In February, they will have the opportunity to showcase their platform and vision at a press conference and leadership debate. The final decision will be in the hands of the party members, who have until February 24 to join and cast their vote from March 13 to 23 using a ranked-pairs ballot. The race for the leadership of the Manitoba Green Party is now officially underway.

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