Zak Abdi, a former member of the Alberta Liberal Party, has been appointed as the new deputy leader of the Green Party of Alberta (GPA) by party leader Jordan Wilkie. Abdi, who also served as the regional chair for the Alberta Liberal Party in Edmonton, stated that he joined the Green Party after becoming disillusioned with the Liberals’ broken promises on the environment, social justice, and the economy. He plans to run in the Edmonton City Center district in the upcoming Alberta election.

Abdi, who has a background in business and finance, hopes to leverage his knowledge to bring attention to the role that corporate finance plays in the climate crisis. As deputy leader and a member of the shadow cabinet, Abdi’s areas of focus include developing greater capacity in the GPA to respond to issues, promoting better GPA policy development, and raising the profile and credibility of the party to attract more people to it.

over the past few years I got tired of the Liberals and their many broken promises when it comes to the environment, social justice, and the economy. Liberals always make big promises but then settle for a compromise when the big issues facing Alberta , Canada and the world need solutions that don’t call from compromises.  

Zak Abdi – Deputy leader of the Green Party of Alberta

One of the GPA policies that resonates with Abdi is the issue of safe supply, which can save the lives of Albertans who are at risk of overdose. Abdi also has experience volunteering with the Black-Owned Market in Edmonton (BOM YEG) as Finance Manager, a volunteer collective with the goal of uplifting and supporting locally owned Black businesses and entrepreneurs in the greater Edmonton area.

One major aspect of the climate crisis that does not get enough attention in the media is the role that corporate finance plays. A lot of financial institutions both public and private have essentially financed this climate crisis.

Zak Abdi – Deputy leader of the Green Party of Alberta

Abdi believes that it is important for Albertans to vote Green in the upcoming election as the province is at a crossroads. While the governing United Conservatives and the opposition NDP are advocating for the status quo, the Green Party of Alberta is offering a progressive vision that includes safe and secure communities, a strong public service, a sustainable economy with good paying jobs, and an Alberta that is saving for the future.

As deputy leader Abdi hopes to demonstrate greater depth and capacity of the party to outsiders and promoting GPA policy development. The party also aims to raise its profile under the leadership of Jordan Wilkie while attracting more people to support Green Politics in a province known for its large fossil fuel industry and determined Green Party members.

Zak Abdi with GPA leader Jordan Wilkie and volunteers

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