Dritan Abazovic, leader of the pro-Europeans and green movement is now the prime minister of Montenegro. It will remain an unprecedented step in the world’s green political integration.

Weakened by a vote of no-confidence in February 2022, former Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic was forced to leave the parliament after months of political crisis. 

Following his removal, two minority parties reached a political agreement. A coalition that advocates entry into the European Union and support for Nato, which Montenegro joined in 2017. The eco-liberals of the URA and the social democrats of the SDP joined their forces under the leadership of the new Prime Minister and leader of the URA party, Dritan Abazovic, on the 28th of April 2022. 

Dritan Abazovic is an environmentalist and pro-European activist. His election as Prime Minister of Montenegro, a country that was closely linked to Russia in the past, is a breakthrough shift toward the European Union during a tense time between Russia and the European Union.


Although the pro-Russian cabinet of Zdravko Krivokapic lasted only a year and a half, the corruption index in Montenegro has never been as high as it has been since his authority. A situation that Dritan Abazovic has undertaken to reverse as quickly as possible.

The new pro-western cabinet is determined to join the European Union, and Dritan Abazovic knows that he will have to fight against heavy corruption and make organized crime his priority.

“No one is untouchable anymore. Everybody is responsible for what they have done”, 

he assured during his first speech as prime minister of Montenegro.

Through this process of changes, his main goal is to turn this Balkan country as much as possible towards democratic values; Getting step by step closer to the European Union.


In the Balkans, ecology has been growing in power for several years. However, no ecological movement has yet been able to gain a majority in a government, the Montenegrin movement URA is now the exception. In 2020, this movement became a member of the European Green Party. Today, the leader of the URA movement is the Prime Minister of Montenegro. This is a significant and unprecedented step for green movements in Europe.

In his speech before the voting session in parliament on April 28, 2022, Dritan Abazovic stated that the government’s five priorities will be:

  • the fight against corruption
  • more sustainable investment
  • joining the European Union
  • sustainable development and environmental protection
  • support to children and youth.

He assured that:

“Besides tourism, which undoubtedly has the biggest potential, we will focus on developing projects in the energy sector, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing industry and information technologies. The government will ask to help strengthen the human capital potential, innovation, and the green economy”.

While the coalition government is supposed to be temporary, Dritan Abazovic assures that it will make the energy sector the primary pillar of the economy. By creating more sustainable and fair tourism, and focusing on environmental protection, the URA movement wants to conform to its environmental ideologies. 

The announcement of this new government has brought hope to the region.

As he said;

 “30 days ago, Montenegro started to have for the first time in history the first Green prime minister. Nothing is impossible. This is the message of Greens: if you believe, have the wish, work hard, and promote really good things at the end of the day everyone can succeed.”

The words of Dritan Abazovic to the assembly are a reminder to everyone that anything is possible and that it is never too late to let change happen.

Laura Tesson

Laura Tesson is journalist and political science student at Concordia University. She is editor at Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies (CCSS) and she used to write for the Triton Review, the student-run newspaper at Edmonds College (USA). She got involved for a year to Edmonds Green Team, to engage and empower students to adopt sustainable practices. She is interested in political journalism and sustainability development.

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