October 27, 2019 – VANCOUVER – A group of environmental and social justice activists will launch a new provincial political party in Vancouver on Monday, October 28th. The group has been involved in quiet consultations around the province with a broad spectrum of people horrified by the performance of BC’s putatively eco-socialist government and its ambitious plans to change provincial laws on behalf of villainous corporations like Uber and Royal Dutch Shell in order to accelerate the increase in carbon emissions taking place in the province.

“Many of us worked our whole adult lives to see a Green-NDP government take power to usher in an era of eco-socialism in BC. Instead, this government is a fraud, a sham, a counterfeit,” stated Amrita Parmar, a Fraser Health Authority nurse who will deliver the official statement of the party board at the launch event Monday. “The NDP has approved increases in fracking, pipeline construction and the building of two gigantic carbon bombs in Kitimat and Squamish, leavened by $6 billion worth of subsidies and, on Friday, an LNG export facility in Delta. And instead of threatening to bring the government down, the Green Party has continued supporting it in exchange for welcoming Uber to the province to increase congestion, depress wages and further spike emissions.”

The party’s interim board comprises directors from across the province and has introduced itself with a web presence at bcecosocialists.ca, which includes a provisional policy document and routes to getting involved in establishing the party’s local associations and recruiting candidates.

The launch will be introduced by founding board member, musician and novelist, Geoff Berner and feature a statement from the board, followed by a brief reception for those who attend the event in person. Those wishing to watch the event live can view it on Facebook Live or YouTube.

The party plans to hold a founding convention in 2020 and will conduct a provincial organizing tour prior.

Video from the party’s launch:

Source: BC Ecosocialists: https://www.bcecosocialists.ca/

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