New Brunswick is at constant risk of flooding, erosion and other seasonal severe weather events. So, to protect areas of the province already affected this year by coastal erosion and flooding, David Coon, leader of the New Brunswick Green Party and MLA for Fredericton South, is calling on the Higgs government to stop wasting time and to act now.

“Violent weather resulting from the changing climate is washing away our shorelines and eroding our coasts, undermining roads, and damaging property from Caraquet to Grand Manan,” stated Coon. “We need to act now to protect those coastal areas that are already being damaged. Successive governments have told coastal communities they are going to study the situation, while municipalities watch their coastlines getting chewed up before their eyes.”

To do this, the leader of the Greens presented a plan to safeguard coastal infrastructure. For New Brunswick,
the climate change action plan includes a commitment to complete a provincial risk assessment on the province’s 2,250 km of coastline. However, destructive storm surges are already ravaging parts of our coastline. Coon says that protective measures need to be taken now in areas already experiencing storm damage.

“Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have committed to studying the situation,” said Mr. Coon. “We need to help our coastal communities now, drawing on money from the Climate Change Fund and available federal programs. »

It is worth remembering that all regions of New Brunswick are exposed to the risk of forest fires. Harsh seasonal weather events can also cause tidal surges and glacial floods in coastal regions.

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