The New Zealand Greens are showing their support for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s recent report regarding sustainable tourism. James Shaw, co-leader of the NZ Green Party, expresses his satisfaction with the report. “The report sets out many positive policy changes worth seriously considering that would ensure our tourism sector is more sustainable,” he says.

For the benefit of Aotearoa’s native species and pristine natural environment, and for the resilience of tourism in a changed world

James Shaw, Co-leader of the nz greens

Greens’ Response

Moreover, Shaw mentions how COVID-19 gave New Zealanders the chance to explore Aotearoa. Along those same lines, he talks about the importance of protecting Aotearoa for future generations. “It is clear that to protect our natural environment, which is a taonga, we must take the opportunities laid out by the report to ensure tourism in Aotearoa is sustainable, so that our environment can be enjoyed for generations to come.” Aotearoa is the Māori name for New-Zealand.

Additionally, Shaw talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector. Shaw says that “changes are required to ensure a sustainable future for both our environment and workers facing uncertainty.” He also seeks to ensure that any reform acknowledges the needs of Pasifikas, given the magnitude of the climate crisis, to return to their homelands. Also, Pacific Island migrants like Māori are called Pacifika.

PCE Report

Furthermore, the report mentions four clear policy initiatives that aim to resolve some of the greatest challenges on the climate changes while encouraging sustainable tourism. The policy initiatives are summarized below:

  1. Introduction of a departure tax representing overseas environmental costs of flying internationally from New-Zealand and use the revenue generated by those flights for environment friendly aviation.
  2. Regarding the environmental requirements, any future central government should support for tourism facilities.
  3. Clarifying the wildlife and natural silence in the most common areas of conservation land and, where appropriate, reinforcing the resources which the Department of Conservation must address.
  4. Implement more strict criteria for independent camping and improved control of the compliance certification process

Learn more about the report here.

Shaw explains why the NZ Government should be taking into account environmental values in the decision-making process. “For the benefit of Aotearoa’s native species and pristine natural environment, and for the resilience of tourism in a changed world,” he says. The New Zealand Greens understand the importance to show support for sustainable tourism as it is beneficial in the long term.


Shabrina Rahman

Shabrina Rahman is a second year student at Bishop's University where she studies International Studies with a double minor in German and Sports Studies. She is looking forward to sharing positive news about environmental issues and Green Parties around the world. She believes that it is important for people to gain knowledge about this subject because we live in a society in which environmental protection is not as strong as it should be.

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