“I have been paying attention to politics my whole life, My parents are big into politics and have the radio on all the time. so I have been following issues my whole life, but it was my career advocacy that got me into politics”

Nicola Spurling, BC Green Party Candidate for MLA in Coquitlam-Maillardville

The words of Nicola Spurling during an interview where she talks about her political journey, achievements, and goals. Spurling is a Canadian trans woman who is the BC Green Party candidate for MLA in Coquitlam-Maillardville. She graduated from BCIT with a degree in Architectural and building Technology (ABT) and became more involved in her community. Her important role in Vancouver pride society granted her the recognition of the Green Party of BC and encouraged her to defend and plead for important issues.

The 30-year-old Nicola Spurling is one of the few trans women in the political arena who is trying to give voice to the underrepresented people in British Columbia. After being convinced to run for the BC Green Party in 2017, she has taken a more serious role in politics to stand by what she truly believes in.

Spurling’s political journey began when she started realizing that she was a transgender Woman and joined a movement to add trans equality to the British Columbia Human Rights code, the Canadian Human Rights acts, and the Criminal code of Canada. After that, Spurling became a part of the board of Directors of Vancouver’s pride society, she ran for Coquitlam’s city council, and participated in the Political Panel on CBC Radio. In addition, she established the Tri-city pride society, the cross walking for Coquitlam BC, and supported the affordable housing initiative.

“I am not really afraid of standing up to anyone anymore because I stood up to the richest author in the world and I am still here, and I am still doing my thing. At this point, I am not afraid of standing up to anyone and I think that is what makes me a good candidate as I can take a principled stance. I can stand up to other politicians that I believe are not acting in good faith or in the best interest of the people of BC and I can bring that if elected to the legislature in terms of fighting against bad policy and fighting for good policy.”

Nicola Spurling, BC Green Party Candidate for MLA in Coquitlam-Maillardville

The LGBTQ2+ activist faced different obstacles throughout her personal and political journey, some which had prepared her for the intense environment of politics. One of the issues that she encountered in the political domain is the parties’ deficiency in discussing potential policies with their audiences. Spurling criticizes the NDP’s lack of communication and consultation in policy proposals regarding Canadian lands and says that “you see the NDP talking about reconciliation a lot but then you see them pushing forward with LNG and fracking and all of these projects that are imposing a risk to first nations’ lands and that are being spoken out against by first nations people”. She adds that, “we’ve wronged first nations people for so long in the past that we need to take a strong stance now to consult and act in good faith”. Spurling pushes forward the importance of consulting both the opposition and allies of a policy, to ensure a proper development of policies. As to her personal life, the candidate confronted various distressing experiences throughout the years. Her gender identity compelled her to disregard other peoples’ negative opinions about her. Further, she pushed through a legal proceeding with the wealthy author of Harry Potter, J.K Rowling, and overcame the numerous hate messages she received. Consequently, Spurling did not only grow thick skin, but she also became a strong-minded and confident politician.

“I don’t believe that politics should be about trying to appease everyone, I think it should be about trying to do the right thing.”

Nicola Spurling, BC Green Party Candidate for MLA in Coquitlam-Maillardville

Nicola Spurling upholds many policy objectives if she were to be a member of the legislative assembly. She projects a desire for a minority government case, where she believes political parties will be more likely to cooperate to produce unbiased policies that serve the greater good. Her priority includes funding education, supporting environment friendly industries, ensuring job market sustainability, improving transportation systems, and increasing job opportunities in rural areas.

As the BC Green candidate takes on the path of political change, she advises young people who feel limited by their youth to engage in politics. She encourages their political involvement as long as it does not impact their wellbeing and she presses on the significance of having a diverse political environment where young members can address and solve issues.

Lojain Azzam

Lojain Azzam is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and is currently working toward a BA degree in Political Science at Concordia University. She believes in a just world where everyone is equal and the economy goes hand in hand with the environment. To progress into this kind of world, she has taken a decision to set her life journey to be a meaningful and informative one. Lojain is determined to provide credible and authentic news coverage to the audience through her journalism at Global Green News.

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