The Romanian Greens confirmed in a press release that their party is led by co-presidents Bogdan Botea and Rodica Bărbuță, elected during the Congress of 06.24.2023, which is in the validation procedure at the Bucharest Court. Only the people mentioned above have the right to speak on behalf of the Green Party (Romania). They wanted to shed light on public opinion following the assertion of two former co-presidents, Marius Lazăr and Cosma Lavinia, who published on their (fake) Facebook page a photo and a message in which they claimed that the court ruled in their favor and that the court would have confirmed their position as co-presidents of the Green Party.

Here is the full press release published on the Romanian Green Party (Partidul Verde, Verzii) website:

Two days ago, the two former co-presidents, Marius Lazăr and Cosma Lavinia, published on their fake Facebook page a photo and a message in which they claim that the court ruled in their favor and that they are also co-presidents of the Green Party.

In fact, the two men only obtained a further postponement of the inevitable, declaring before the judges of the Court of Appeal that the procedure for recording the documents of the National Council of May 20, 2023, during which both were removed from office, was a contentious procedure, because the fact that they were dismissed before the end of their 4-year mandate results in a change in the status of the party. Following this logic, they also declared that the first judgment is null and void, because the prosecutor did not also participate in the courtroom, as is done in the case of contentious proceedings.

This is obviously a forced interpretation, from several points of view, which the court where the case was judged on the merits has already rejected, ruling in favor of recording the CN documents.

And the claim that there was no prosecutor in the room is false. The prosecutor was present in the courtroom, having other trials before him, but with regard to our case, he stated that his presence was not necessary, because it was a non-contentious procedure .

Following the judgment of May 15, the CN case will be retried before the court of first instance, the decisions adopted by vote in this forum being valid until their possible annulment or confirmed during a new judgment. Any other interpretation regarding the situation of the two former co-presidents has nothing to do with reality and the legal and factual situation. Bușteni’s illegal congress of 27.05.2023 cannot be taken into account because it was definitively canceled by a court, and the so-called congress of 09.12.2023 organized by former co-presidents Lazar and Cosma was only registered on based on an affidavit from both and not as a result of a court decision, this case is now being challenged by the Green Party for annulment

We also mention that the “victorious” photo was taken by the two of them before the judgment of the judges of the Court of Appeals and before entering the courtroom of the Congressional trial of June 24, the recording of which was again been postponed until after the resolution of registration of documents of the National Council. .

The current leadership of the Green Party (Greens) is ensured by co-presidents Bogdan Botea and Rodica Bărbuță, elected at the Congress of 06.24.2023, which is in the validation procedure at the Bucharest Court.

The two of them, Lazăr and Cosma, do nothing but make fun of the decisions taken by the members of the Green Party in the National Council of May 20 and the extraordinary Congress of June 24, 2023, artificially prolonging the situation in which they can still assert against third parties that they are the co-presidents of the party. The fact that they still use the “testimony” of a criminal character, like Sorin Zvârcolescu, expelled from the party at their own initiative, is telling.

It is obvious that for the two it does not matter that by their actions they are destabilizing the Green Party, robbing it of the chance to participate with all its strength in this year’s elections.

We will persevere in getting justice and we hope that you will all stand by the Green Party and the important mission we have, which is to promote the rights of all people first and protect nature.

We assure the candidates of the Green Green Party of our full support in the local elections on June 9, 2024 and wish them success in these elections.

Bogdan Botea Co-president

Rodica Bărbută Co-president

Silviu Dumitru General Secretary

Billy Omeonga

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