On March 1st, Environment and Climate Change Canada announced that Petawawa, a town in southern Ontario Canada, will receive 2.7 million dollars in funding from the Canadian Federal Government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund(LCEF) to finance their Water Pollution Control Plant’s resource recovery plan

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In line with the prerequisites of Canada’s LCEF for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the town of Petawawa looks to upgrade their water pollution plant’s anaerobic (without oxygen) digesters to increase efficiency and divert more biosolids towards producing biogas to power their plants facilities. This represents an estimated 300,000 tonnes of GHG emissions averted throughout the project’s lifetime. 

”…It’s a great example of the type of innovative leadership that municipalities across the country are taking to help Canada exceed its 2030 Paris Agreement target and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.”

Neil R. Ellis, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Petawawa is one of many projects that the LCEF has funded throughout Canada. This 2 billion dollar fund was introduced in response to Canada’s Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change back in 2016 to aid Canadians and Canadian business in meeting their emission reduction goals, meet the Paris Agreement’s nationally determined contributions and strive towards a sustainable future. 

The town of Petawawa is located along the Ottawa river and is the main tributary of the St. Lawrence. Keeping this waterway clean and safe is a top priority for the water treatment facilities along its shores, and this funding will not only ensure Greenhouse gas emission reductions and divert food waste from the landfills but also the prolonged health of the Ottawa river, setting a high standard for other Waste facilities to follow.

 Other Canadian projects highlighted by the LCEF in 2021 include: 

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Joby is from small town Manitoba, Canada. Moving to the city of Winnipeg to pursue his interest in preserving the outdoors he grew up in, Joby attained a Bachelors of Environmental Studies with a minor in economics. He holds a strong dedication to the idea that efficient & effective environmental policy and regulation is the key to drive an environmentally sustainable economy and has directed all supplementary education towards putting that principal into practice. As a writer, Joby enjoys covering Green parties relationships with the public and the new and exciting initiatives that are created from these connections.

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