Several activists from the Ecological Party The Greens (Partido Ecologista Os Verdes, PEV) were in the streets for what they described as an interpretive walk on the Spontaneous Flora Trail. They first visited the Parque Verde de Nafarros, in Sintra (União de Freguesias de Sintra). The Greens include this approach as part of the defense of biodiversity. The initiative brought together Mariana Silva and Marta Parente, PEV candidates in the European Parliament elections, on the CDU list, as well as PEV leaders and activists.

They wanted to show through this approach that native and spontaneous plants, including those often called weeds, are essential to the conservation of ecosystems and the prevention of invasive species.

They deplored the fact that there are still cleaning operations today with the total elimination of vegetation, which causes the opening of clearings and large areas of bare and exposed soil, which are then quickly colonized by invasive species.

For the greens, making this spontaneous flora and its different uses known is a way of promoting it and calling for its preservation, and this work was carried out thanks to the active participation of activists from the Sintra herbicide-free movement.

The Os Verdes Ecologist Party has been monitoring the threats facing the Sintra Natural Park, also affected by several invasive species that pose a challenge to the conservation and preservation of nature, the local economy and biodiversity.

The Greens warn of the importance of preserving spontaneous flora and the need to guarantee long-term human and material resources in the control and management of invasive species.

“We also need these resources dedicated to forests, agriculture and green spaces, for effective prevention against the degradation of spaces, guaranteeing their biodiversity and the quality of life of populations,” said one of them.

In the afternoon, the Greens met in Carcavelos, with the Carcavelos Forum Movement and the SOS Quinta dos Ingleses Association. While the construction of a megaproject is planned there, a project which will certainly endanger the century-old pine forest, the historical heritage, the protection of the beach and the quality of life of those who live there.

“At a time when it is necessary to build plans for adaptation and mitigation of climate change, with the enhancement and preservation of green spaces, it is incomprehensible that mega construction projects are promoted which will only contribute to the waterproofing of soils, the allocation of water pipes and the weakening of the coastline,” these environmental activists complained.

The Ecological Party supports citizen movements in the uncompromising defense of this essential green space for the future.

This day dedicated to the environment ended with a meeting, in Cascais, with the Association ADN-Ambiente Desenvolvimento e Natureza, in line with environmental concerns, the preservation and conservation of native species and the strengthening of the decision-making role of active citizenship.

For Os Verdes, the role and work carried out by citizen associations and environmental defense movements are essential for the country to move forward with real policies aimed at environmental justice.

Billy Omeonga

Billy Omeonga graduated in Journalism and Creative Writing. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I am currently pursuing an MBA at the University of the People in the United States of America. I love activities that involve ideas and critical thinking. I am passionate about nature and protecting the environment. I believe in protecting our planet and its natural resources. I hate dishonest and pessimistic people. Honesty is an integral part of my view of the world and it is a value in which I strongly believe. I speak French and English fluently. In my free time, I like to read and play the piano. Also, I disapprove of the unreliability. I am a reliable person, so I expect a certain level of reliability from those I am reliable to.

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