Prince Edward Island Greens forms first official opposition in provincial history


The Green wave many thought could bring the party to power on Prince Edward Island turned blue at the polls Tuesday.

Voters elected the Progressive Conservatives to a minority government, the province’s first since the 1800s. The Greens placed second, its best showing ever in Canadian provincial politics. The Tories were elected in 12 ridings, while the Greens took eight. Fourteen seats are needed for a majority.

The incumbent Liberals fell to five seats. Premier Wade MacLauchlan, who made history when he was elected as the province’s first openly gay premier in 2015, lost his district of Stanhope-Marshfield. “It’s something that happens in politics,” he told reporters Tuesday night. “The tide has changed.”

The outcome marked historic progress for the Greens, which will form the party’s first Official Opposition in Canada and won the most seats ever by a Green Party in any province. But the results also flouted recent polls indicating that the party was riding a swell of support that might allow it to form the Greens’ first provincial government in Canada.

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