Green Party leader Annamie Paul wants to increase the number of seats that the Green Party has to prioritize dismantling systemic racism in Québec by introducing more candidates from diverse backgrounds. She also wants to oppose liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Quebec. 

It was last year that Quebec Premier Francois Legault declared that there was an issue of discrimination in Quebec but not of systemic racism. 

There is an opportunity for the Green Party to grow in the province, as they saw a 70 per cent increase in memberships over the year, largely coming from the Montreal area, according to CTV News. Additionally, a flood of new volunteers will be helpful in growing the party in Quebec. 

Moreover, Quebec’s Bill 21 which bans the wearing of religious symbols by certain people in the public sector when at work arguably margianilizes minority groups. Paul’s Time to Run campaign that is designed to recruit a diverse slate of progressive candidates for the next federal election, counteracts this bill. 

“The Green Party believes that it’s time to build a Parliament as diverse as the Canadians it represents. Too often, people look at politicians and politics and don’t see themselves. The Green Party is saying “we see you and we value your leadership”.

In terms of LNG in Quebec, the Green Party is openly against the development of the LNG export industry in the province. The $9-billion Energie Saguenay Project that is being developed by GNL Quebec will expand the liquified gas industry and accelerate climate change. 

“The future is full of challenges, but also opportunities, and the next election will decide the direction we head in. We won’t arrive at a new destination with the same players. It’s time to usher in a new generation of MPs – people who believe Canada’s best years are ahead and are ready to get to work completing our social safety net, launching a post-pandemic Green Recovery, and forging a just society”. 

Skye Legault

Skye Legault is currently completing her Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Law at Concordia University. She is a frequent contributor to her school's newspapers and tends to report on human rights, the environment and politics. In her free time she can be found writing articles for Global Green News or enjoying time in the great outdoors.

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