At an emergency meeting held last week, the federal council of the Green Party of Canada voted to expel Alex Tyrrell, the 34-year-old ecosocialist leader of the Green Party of Quebec and aspiring federal leadership candidate, just days after he began collecting nomination signatures for the federal party leadership contest. The allegations against him claim that he damaged the image of the Green Party of Canada by opposing the war in Ukraine and the continued extraction of the Alberta tar sands. 

Alex has been the leader of the Green Party of Quebec for the last nine years. He is the only ecosocialist Green Party leader in Canada and has been on the front lines of many progressive movements in this country including Idle No More, Black Lives Matter, the Fairy Creek old growth logging blockades, the Wet’suwet’en anti-pipeline struggle and many many other issues, movements and social justice causes. 

On environmental issues such as oil and gas, war and peace, wealth redistribution and a variety of other issues, the Green Party of Quebec stands to the left of most other Green parties in Canada. Provincial and federal Green parties operate as independent entities. Expelling Alex from the federal party will not impact his current leadership of the Green Party of Quebec, however, there are shared values amongst all Green Parties globally. These values include opposition to war and to fossil fuel extraction. Alex Tyrrell has always upheld these fundamental values. Alex holds a degree in environmental science, has dedicated his career to environmental and social justice and founded the first news outlet in the world dedicated to covering Green Parties from around the world– Alex Tyrrell is a major asset to the Green Parties of Quebec, of Canada and of the world. He has earned a seat at the table in the Green Party of Canada. 

We call for the immediate, full and unconditional reinstatement of Alex Tyrrell’s membership in the Green Party of Canada, the approval of his candidacy for federal leadership and we call on federal council and the Green Party of Canada to pursue a positive working relationship with all provincial Green Parties in Canada regardless of where they fall on the ideological spectrum.

Signed By

Jordan Wilkie – Leader of the Green Party of Alberta 

Marlene Hale – Wetʼsuwetʼen Activist & Chef 

Tamara Lorincz – Activist & Academic

Adrian Currie – Former Ontario Representative to GPC Federal Council

Dario Hunter – Runner up in 2020 US Green Party Presidential Primary 

Brendan Stone – Co-chair Hamelton Coalition to Stop The War

Raymond Robinson – Nehiyawak Activist & Elder – Pimicikamak Cree Nation

Ben Isitt – City Councillor, Victoria, BC

Yves Engler – Author & Activist 

Cass Romyn – Former GPC Candidate from Edmonton 

Peter LaVenus – Co-Chair – Green Party of New York 

Howard Breen – Activist, Extinction Rebellion Vancouver Island 

Ken Stone – Treasurer, Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War

Debra Rosario – Bronx Green Party Chair

Halimatou Bah – Deputy Leader – Green Party of Quebec 

Executive Council of the Green Party of Quebec

Dr Catherine Richardson – Green Party of Quebec Critic on Indigenous affairs 

Lisa Barrett – Former Mayor of Bowen Island & Former GPC Candidate – Vancouver 

Constantine Kristonis – Longtime GPC member, former candidate 

Nicholas Lescarbeau – Former GPC Organizer for Quebec, Provincial Candidate & Executive Member 

Chris Alders – Longtime Green Party Activist 

Jason Baines – Member – Green Left 

Karen Brill – Green Left 

Howard Leznoff – Green Left 

Wendy Goldsmith – Member – Green Left 

Dimitri Lascaris – Former GPC Leadership Candidate 

Jamie D’Souza – GPQ Candidate & Executive Member

Cheryl Wiens – Labour Strategy Manager, Former B.C. Green Party Candidate 

Kim Goldberg – GPC member, Nanaimo-Ladysmith

Kristian Solarik – Green Party of Quebec Candidate 

Kathleen Somerville – Member – B.C. 

Alex Di Pardo – GPQ Candidate & Executive Member

Owen Hughes – Editor & Member 

Paul Corell – Member of the State Committee of the Green Party of NY

Manel Chaouche – GPQ Candidate & Executive Member 

Vince Fiorito – Former Candidate – Green Parti of Ontario – Burlington 

Charles McFadden – Scientist & Educator, Member, Fredericton EDA 

Karen McFadden – Writer & Educator, Member Fredericton EDA

Hailey Roop – Green Party of Quebec Candidate 

Daydree Vendette – Writer, Green Party of Quebec Candidate 

Kim Hughes – Past CEO Cowichan-Malahat-Langford EDA 

James Madigan – Treasurer, Illinois Green Party

Gail Greer – Sociologist, URGPC EDA Financial Agent

Jim Brown – State Committee Member, Green Party of New York (USA)

C. Sandy Przybylak – GPNY Executive Committee, GPUS NY Delegate

David Sutliff-Atias – Secretary, Green Party of Monroe County, Rochester NY, USA

Mark Bigland-Pritchard – energy consultant / refugee sponsorship coordinator

Guy Simard – Former Green Party of Quebec Executive 

Joseph Naham – National delegate for the Green Party of the US from New York State

Virginia Thompson – retired mental health counsellor

Jean-Pierre Duford  – Blue collar, Green Party of Quebec Candidate 

Flora Doehler – Artist – Member of GPC

Mike McCabe – Chair of Green Party of Brooklyn

Guy Fogel – Ecosocialist Momentum 

Jinhi Ahn – Vancouver Granville EDA executive (FA)

Sandra Gajdos – Member & Activist for Animal Rights, Environment & Social Justice 

Michael Busby – Real Estate Broker 

Steve Bloom – State Committee member, Green Party of New York

Shannon Sookochoff – Retired teacher, Eco tourism entrepreneur, university professor

Stacy Neilson – Registered nurse, former interim CEO Victoria EDA 

Cheryl McLachlan – Past EDA executive member and almost all GPC election campaigns since 1998

Gil Obler – Green Party of NY, Green Party of the US

Mark Taylor – Former federal and provincial candidate 

Kadidia Mahamane Bamba – Green Party of Quebec candidate 

Bamba Kadidia Mahamane – Green Party of Quebec candidate 

Catherine Alpha – Teacher 

Dan Tkachuk – Eco-Socialist~ Founder/Organizer of XR Nanaimo

Evelyn Hunter – Supporter of green party

Sam Cosentino – Lawyer, member of GPC

Gerry Gaydos – Solar and EV promoter / entrepreneur

Ann Mayo – GPC member and activist

Stacy Neilson – Registered Nurse, Activist, former EDA CEO Victoria 

Kerri Wall – former GPC & BC Greens candidate

Sharon Cross – Kootenay Columbia EDA Member at Large

Joseph Cross – Kootenay Columbia EDA 

Andre Piver – MD and former EDA board member

Adam McPherson – Member

Renee Nunan-Rappard – Retired nurse. Member. 

Daphne Rappard – Member

Ed Lehman – Educator/peace activist/member

Phil Little – Retired educator

Jim Mason – EDA executive

Melanie Villeneuve  –  Volunteer

Julio Valencia – Social Worker 

Daniel La Tour – Volunteer 

Stuart Germain – Young Green

Pam MacDonald – Former member 

Margaret Human – Active with Extinction Rebellion

Paul Werner – Member, Green Party of Erie County, New York

at Crowther – Member

Andrew Reeves – GPC member, PhD candidate

Sandra Conway – Member 

Norbert D’Costa – Former GPC candidate in Brampton North

Gustave Recof – Biologist 

Kathy Hartman – Member

Colten Gonyer – Member

Evelyn Hunter – Green Party Voter 

Murray Wells – Member 

Bob Jonkman – Former Green Party of Canada and Green Party of Ontario candidate

Bruce Gunn – Member 

Vic Brice – Member 

Feliks Welfeld – Member 

Michael Cozens  – Member 

Matthew Sloly – Member 

Ellen Nutbrown – Member 

Thoms Hemeon – Humanist 

Monica Vida – Member 

Karen DeVito – Member 

Paul Morris – Retired IT Professional 

N A Fraser – Member of GPC

Louise Tremblay Matchett – Recent Green Party Voter 

Fernando Gonzalez 

David Gamble

Sid Shniad

Adam Osmak

Scott McFadden

Eric Renaud

Jean-Pierre Turcotte 

Steve Lyne 

Mark Grill

Donna Byrne

Vic booth

David Baughman 

Greg Wadden 

David Sylvestre

George Kenyon

Sean Wilson 

Mayte Montero-Rios

Lorraine McNeil

Diana van Eyk 

Sjeng Derkx 

Paul Gilman

Salix Dubois

Ann Renmant

Michelle Duku 

Ian Shaw – Volunteer 

Julio Valencia 

Anna Badillo 

Scott McFaden

Tom Hemeon 

Annette Lengyel

Sandra Harris

Stephen Chafe 

Shelia Rea

Karen Howell McFadden 

Chris Simpson

Karen Brill

Diana Van Eyk

Claude Haridge

John Green

Bruce Gunn

Paul Salvatori

May Rios Montero 

Vaalea Darkke

Jane Weeks

Sandra Conway 

Tess Bassie

Nadine Lumley 

Jamie Hunter

Greg easter

Donna Byrne

Nicole Teed

Tia Leschke

Sid Shniad

Jerad Johnson

Evelyn Tischer

John Kern


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