REGINA– “The Greens want the focus back on solar, wind and geothermal. Duncan’s government scrapped the best solar incentive plan In the country and are focusing on SMR’s (small nukes) that don’t even exist yet, and will take 10 years to implement.” declares Naomi Hunter, Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. “Investing millions of dollars and years of precious time in nuclear fantasies is stealing from our children’s future. As so-called fiscal conservatives, they should be ashamed.”

Saskatchewan has some of the highest solar production potential in the world. 

Our wind resource is likewise top of the class, affordable and highly favoured by the people.
Geothermal energy is another abundant resource the Green Party can get behind, and it too is already showing promise.

“I wonder if Duncan hates solar panels, or just the science?” Hunter muses. “A solar spill requires sunscreen and a hat, but we can’t hide from nuclear waste accidents. »

The radioactive dangers from mining, shipment, energy production, weapons and waste have left a permanent legacy of contamination and death. “After nearly 80 years, there isn’t even safe disposal, yet our Environment Minister wants to expand the uranium industry. This is unacceptable,” Hunter states. “We call on Premier Moe and Environment Minister Duncan to scrap the nuclear secretariat and re-invest in truly clean and sustainable energy NOW!”


For more information, please contact Naomi Hunter at (306) 561-8880 or email

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