The work of the 5th edition of the Congress of the “Federation of African Greens (FEVA)” dedicated to the issues and challenges posed by “political ecology” on the African continent was held for 3 consecutive days in Kinshasa, capital of the Republic Democratic of Congo. The meetings were organized by the ecologist party Alliance of Congolese Ecologists Les Verts (AECO) of Didace Pembe Bokiaga under the theme: “The anchoring of political ecology in Africa: issues, challenges and perspectives”.
Representatives of political parties from the DRC, Congo-Brazzaville, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Burundi, ‘Algeria, Kenya, Gabon, Egypt…. participated in this series of meetings which allowed the election of a new executive council for a four-year term.

This new executive council will be led by the Moroccan Mohamed Fares, elected president. The Burundian Anne-Marie Bihirabake and the Malagasy Michaella Randriambololona will respectively occupy the positions of first and second vice-president. Burkinabé Adama remains secretary general. Chadian Badono Daigou will assume the role of General Treasurer, while Zimbabwean Shengeta Tapiwa was elected communications secretary.

Speaking on this occasion, the new elected President of the Executive Council, Mohamed Fares thanked the authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo who, according to him, have facilitated access to this beautiful country that is the Democratic Republic of Congo.
“We also thank the President of the DRC Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi who sent us his high representative in the person of Mr. Tony Kanku, it is a gesture which honored us and which encouraged us. We now have a major project before us for the well-being of Africa and humanity. A work to be done, a long-term job and therefore we are counting on your collaboration, on your presence and we will all be together and present,” he said in his speech.

During these meetings led by the leader of the ecological party Alliance of Congolese Ecologists Les Verts (AECO), members of FEVA set up an ethics committee supposed to manage conflicts between members. It is composed of a president, a vice-president, a secretary and two members.

Participants in this congress recommended the establishment of a team which will, among other things, as a mission to reread the amendments to the statutes and internal regulations of the FEVA.

The Federation of African Greens was officially launched in 2010 in Kampala. It is a member of the world Greens and has members in the five regions of Africa: Central, Southern, Eastern, Western and North Africa.

Billy Omeonga

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