(CANBERRA, Australia)— The ACT Government is working with local environmental volunteers to launch a wombat sightings tracker to fight

grey rodent on green grass
Wombat in Cradle Mountain Australia by Meg Jerrard via Unsplash

disease affecting the animals. 

Wombats are experiencing mange, a skin condition caused by mites that leave them with an itch, hair loss, and potentially death. The 2021-2022 ACT Budget set aside $30,000 to help stop the disease and provide new technology to track and target wombat mange announced Minister for the Environment, Rebecca Vassarotti on the Greens Australia site.

 “ACT Wildlife would like to thank the Government for establishing the new portal to help us reach sick and injured wombats quickly in the hope we can save more of these amazing mammals,” said Lindy Butcher, President of ACT Wildlife, as stated on the Greens Australia site.

The Canberra community can utilise a web portal to report wombat sightings so ACT Wildlife and Wombat Rescue can aid sick wombats.

“The new portal will streamline our work in finding and treating wombats to that they can get back to their normal nocturnal lives,” said Yolandi Vermaak of Wombat Rescue on the Greens Australia site.

The web portal link and more information on wombat mange are available through the ACT website.


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