The elections to the European Parliament will take place from June 6 to 9, 2024. To do this, Ecolo-Groen is pleading for a fairer and greener Europe. For the Belgian Greens, the upcoming European elections represent a turning point for our common future, the moment to give the European Union the ecological, social and democratic turning point that we so badly need. After unprecedented awareness of the climate emergency, Ecolo believes that it is time to seize the opportunity to put the ecological and inclusive transition at the center of the European project.

In the anxiety-provoking context, linked to the Covid years, war, energy crisis, growing precariousness, environmental setbacks pushed by a dangerous alliance of the rights, legitimate concerns for the future, our project is progressive, feminist, carrying hope and social, ecological, climatic and democratic solutions.

Ecolo says it refuses populist, extremist, climate skeptic and conservative ideas that want to take us back in time. “These ideas threaten fundamental rights, including those of women, minorities, LGBTQIA+ people and refugees, whenever the far right is in power.”

“We are the political representatives of the actors and actresses of the transition, of all those who want to believe that another future is possible where humanism, solidarity, the well-being of all, climate and biodiversity are our compasses, solutions exist and just need to be deployed.”

Here are the 10 priorities of the French-speaking Belgian environmentalist political party in detail:

  • A European Green and Social Pact to protect the climate and the environment for generations to come, achieve the European pillar of social rights, eradicate poverty and allow everyone to find their place​
  • A Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) protecting farmers, consumers, healthy, quality, GMO-free food
  • A fair and sustainable trade policy, here and there
  • 100% renewable energy: the most efficient, the cheapest
  • Nature and terrestrial and marine biodiversity protected and restored
  • A re-industrialization of Europe by developing the circular and local economy
  • Protection of fundamental rights and democracy
  • A Europe as an actor of peace
  • A feminist and LGBTQIA+ friendly Europe
  • A Europe of ethics and transparency

Billy Omeonga

Billy Omeonga graduated in Journalism and Creative Writing. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I am currently pursuing an MBA at the University of the People in the United States of America. I love activities that involve ideas and critical thinking. I am passionate about nature and protecting the environment. I believe in protecting our planet and its natural resources. I hate dishonest and pessimistic people. Honesty is an integral part of my view of the world and it is a value in which I strongly believe. I speak French and English fluently. In my free time, I like to read and play the piano. Also, I disapprove of the unreliability. I am a reliable person, so I expect a certain level of reliability from those I am reliable to.

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