The Green Party of Canada is going public to fight the changes made to the parliamentary question period.

Green Party MP Elizabeth May during a Question Period in the House of Commons, in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. (Courtesy:THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld)

The Green Party Members of Parliament have gone public to undo the changes made to the parliamentary Question Period immediately following the 2019 election.

Behind closed doors, the Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois, New Democrats, and Liberals made a decision that resulted in the exclusion of the Green Party MPs from posing asking a question on Wednesday.

The Green Caucus wrote to Speaker Anthony Rota, “In the previous parliament, Green MPs were allotted multiple Wednesday questions over the course of each Spring and Fall session. During these opportunities, we exercised decorum and posed questions of real content on behalf of our constituents and Green voters.”

The Speaker advised negotiating with the other parties.

According to a media release from the Green Party, multiple attempts have been, made to engage in discussion and negotiation so that at least one Wednesday question will be allowed from the Green MPs.

MP Paul Manly explained that the Green Party of Canada received nearly as many votes in 2019 as the Bloc Quebecois. The rules of the First-Past-the-Post electoral system allowed for only three seats to be granted to the party.

“If you average the number of votes per party by the number of MP’s elected, each Green MP represents 380,000 voters while each Liberal MP only represents 38,000. To deny Green MPs the chance to pose a single Wednesday question, ever, is undemocratic.”

Read the full media release from the Green Party of Canada

Yousef Al Khodari

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