On 8 September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. The monarch had served on the British throne for 70 years. On Thursday, 8 September, official sources reported that Her Majesty was unwell and under close medical supervision. The Queen died a few hours later.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has reverberated on many levels . It may lead to a reorganization of order not only in the UK but also in many other countries around the world.

In accordance with the current line of succession, on the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son, now 73-year-old Prince Charles, became the new king. He will be free to choose his royal name but is likely to become King Charles III. We should add that upon his death, the new sovereign will be succeeded by his eldest son, Prince William.

The Green Party of England and Wales British has expressed its sincere condolences to the entire Royal Family following the news of the Queen’s death.

Co-leader Adrian Ramsay said:

“This is a moment of great sadness for our nation. The Queen served this country tirelessly over her 70-year reign, bearing witness to the fall of the Berlin Wall, invention of the internet and the first man on the moon.”

“We send strength and compassion to the Royal family at this difficult time.”

British media estimates that the death of Elizabeth II could cost the state several billion pounds, as The Evening Standard and AJ+, among others reported. According to AJ+, there is even talk of just under 7 billion dollars in conversion.

The media highlighted that the Queen’s platinum jubilee, which she celebrated earlier this year, could result in a 0.6 percent drop in the UK’s GDP. Additionally, the news of the estimated amount that taxpayers will pay for the funeral has caused some public uproar.

The discontent is compounded by the rising cost of living and an economic recession. According to a report in The Guardian, 1 million people in the UK will fall into poverty this winter due to increasing energy costs.

Marta Banaszek

Marta is studying at the University of Edinburgh. She's interested in green politics, human rights and international politics.She was an intern for Amnesty International where she worked on the Belarus–European Union border crisis.

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