During a press conference, in the presence of legislators from the Morena Coalition, the Green Party and the Labor Party, Claudia Delgadillo González, affiliated with the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) castigated the frauds observed during recent elections which took place across the country. She calls for the cancellation of the elections in the state of Jalisco while demanding a new transparent and fair process. Claudia Delgadillo, who was a candidate for governor of Jalisco, accused the electoral commission and the state government of being behind this fraud. She explained that Pablo Lemus, of the Citizen Movement, was imposed violating the democratic principles of certainty, fairness and equality.

“In Jalisco, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum won, we won senators, 20 districts with federal and local deputies, 44 municipalities and in the governorship we suffered fraud, unfortunately the voters did not decide, the result was imposed by those who counted the votes on June 2,” she said.

Accompanied by the legislators of the Coalition led by senators, Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of Morena, Raúl Bolaños Cacho and Graciela Gaitán, of the Green Party and the federal deputies Hamlet Almaguer of Morena and Luis Edgardo Palacios Díaz, of the Green Party, Delgadillo González presented a whole list of irregularities committed by the electoral commission authorities during the electoral process.

“We demand new elections that reflect the will of the people and that drastic measures are taken so that deceptions that harm democracy do not happen again, because in Jalisco we want the fourth transformation to be carried out without obstacles,” said Claudia Delgadillo.

The legal appeal or disagreement process before the Electoral Court, to request the annulment of the election, was filed, by the legal representative Eduardo Almaguer, on June 15.

Senator Ricardo Monreal, from Morena, assured the legal, political and moral support of the Coalition to the deputy Delgadillo González and recommended that her defense be done through legal means, respecting the vote.

In addition to canceling the election, some deputies from this political grouping are going so far as to demand the outright resignation of the president of the National Institute of Citizen Participation, Paula Ramírez.

Billy Omeonga

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