The Green Party of Venezuela organizes community dialogues to listen to the population

The Green Party of Venezuela has deployed throughout the national territory with days of community dialogue to listen to the needs of the people, as stated by its national coordinator, Heryck Rangel, in an interview on Al Aire, a program broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

To do this, Rangel said that the political organization has maintained a line of work since its founding, with the intention of listening to the needs and desires of Venezuelans.

“In recent weeks we have participated in the National Popular Consultation, where we were with the municipal councils and municipalities, and wonderful things have been palpable, such as environmental projects linked to the creation of ecological parks, nurseries and recreational spaces for people”, he emphasized.

Likewise, he explained that the Green Party of Venezuela, in terms of legislative aspect, has three fundamental initiatives, which are: the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth, the Law of Management of Climate Crises and the Criminal Law of ‘Environment. The latter must adapt it to current events and increase sanctions for those who pollute. In this regard, he called on the population to denounce the marketing of wild animals on the roads, because these are crimes that destroy nature.