The Youth Party – Greens of Europe, is determined to go confidently to the European elections. They believe that a green future is not the property of an individual, but rather everyone’s responsibility, and this is precisely why some candidates chose to join the Greens of Slovenia, who presented a list of candidates for the 2024 European Parliament elections.

All candidates on the list will defend sustainable development, green breakthrough, social Europe, solving demographic problems, reducing bureaucracy in agriculture, liberal and democratic values and peace.

During this presentation of the list of candidates, the head of the list, Klemen Grošelj, declared that they expected to win at least one seat in the European Parliament.
“As you have seen, we have a very competent list. It goes from liberal to environmentalist. We have a strong social component, a liberal green list with a strong social component. I believe that with such a team, we can play in the first league of the European Parliament,” Grošelj said during this meeting.

Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Ph.D. Klemen Groselj
  2. Ph.D. Nada Pavcher
  3. Bogomil Knavs
  4. Ph.D. Vesna Lavtizar
  5. Milan Gabrovec
  6. Ph.D. Valerija Korosec
  7. Renato Volker
  8. Mojca Setinc Pasek
  9. Alexandre Merlo

Billy Omeonga

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