The Strong Need for a Green Shift with PVQ’s Halimatou Bah

Deputy Leader of the Quebec Green Party spoke with Global Green News on her vision for the future of the party. Read what she believes are the key issues demanding change.

Halimatou Bah is a strong advocate for both the Environment and its protection, and the social justice issues we face today. Bah got her first taste of politics as a junior member of the National Assembly of Guinea. Ultimately, this sparked a fascination with politics and drove her to pursue an education at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). 

Bah was quickly made very aware of the damage man has and is doing to the environment. Moreover, she was intrigued by the impact of public policy on environmental issues. In an interview with Global Green News, she notes she was presented with a choice; be a spectator and watch the world deteriorate, or help move the environment to the center of political discourse. 

Now, Bah acts as the Deputy Leader of the PVQ (Parti Vert du Québec – Green Party of Quebec). Moreover, she seeks to drive change across the board in ensuring a safe future for all. There is need for not only environmental protection, but also ensuring human liberties.

Environmental Discourse

Halimatou Bah is a mother of two and empathizes with the realities of having a family in Quebec. She advocates for Quebecers and Quebecois interests on all fronts, but the environment holds a special place in her heart. 

“Rather than be a spectator and leave a destroyed planet behind for my children, I would rather be an actor of positive change by trying to put environmental issues at the heart of political issues.”

Halimatou Bah to Global Green News
Bah at the Montreal Climate March in September 2019 holding a sign reading “I want a good Environment for my children” Source: Facebook

Coming up next on the docket is the potential for Quebec to increase hydroelectric exports. While the revenue generated might increase, the building of more dams is something to be wary of. Economics plays a large role in Coalition Avenir Quebec’s platform and “François Legault and HydroQuébec are looking for reasons to launch new major projects.”

Bah points out that hydro exports could increase if there was better electricity management within the province. With less waste, American demands can be met without the damage to rivers and invasive delivery lines. 

Social Justice Advocacy

In addition to advocating for the environment, Bah is also a leader for social justice. Annamie Paul, Canada’s Green Party leader, recently spoke out against Quebec premier François Legault, regarding Legault’s denial of systemic racism. In her interview with Global Green News, Bah said she found it “particularly disturbing that the government … is willing to continue to deny its existence.”

Recently, systemic issues within the Quebec Police force have come to light.

“The trust of racialized communities in the police is eroding and it is the responsibility of the government to rebuild that trust,” said Bah. 

Bah recently tweeted that “Apologies are no longer enough,” in the defence of the SVPM’s excuses. This erosion of trust within society highlights the need for leaders to be progressive on the subject to promote an inclusive future.

Looking forward with hopes of addressing this issue, Bah emphasizes representation and opportunity for expression and two critical parts of the solution.

To read the official stance of the PVQ on the issue, click here.

“I would like to show Quebec society that the Green Party is a very attractive alternative to end the status quo and protect the most vulnerable.”

Halimatou Bah to Global Green News

By launching an extensive recruitment campaign for the 2022 elections with the goal of having 125 representatives across Quebec, Bah hopes to provide a more diverse voice in the National Assembly. Ultimately, doing so would help provide platforms for marginalized groups to be heard.

In giving marginalized groups a larger voice, you create the opportunity for “interesting solutions” from those directly impacted and living first-hand with the issues, said Bah. Increased representation “can inspire and show others that everyone has a place in our society,” and needs to be demanded.

Emma Fingerle

Emma Fingerle is a passionate, aspiration, and a confident second-year student at McGill University, working towards a B.A. in Political Science and Environment. She is looking to bridge the gap between Green Party news and research and the public sector to create a more encompassing political narrative. Having worked at a nature-driven summer camp during her teenage years, Emma happens passionate about educating young people on environmental issues. She is also passionate about equity and diversity advocacy, environmental policy, and indigenous rights. The development of ESG practices pique Emma's interest, and she is determined to better the sustainability of corporate practices.

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