Annalena Baerbock has continued to make headlines in the last couple of months and is likely to continue doing so as she leads the race for Germany’s next Chancellor. Co-chair of the German Green Party, Annalena is the first to run as a candidate for chancellor and making quite the impression as she continues to do so.

Said to be “A breath of fresh air”, the former trampolinist comes with plans and goal, and is adamant on creating change. Maintaining the fact that despite having targets, goals and ideals, they amount to nothing should they not be implemented and sustained by governments . The Green Party was previously known as the “anti-party party”,; however, Baerbock’s candidacy has given the Green Party never-before-seen potential and prominence. Rising in the polls like never before and succeeding Merkels’ CDU, Annalena has brought the German Greens to the centre stage of German Politics.

Baerbock appears to be just what Germany needed. Having described herself as “an offer, an invitation to lead our diverse, prosperous, strong country into a good future”, the direction she steers the country in, is one of responsibility and one that calls for action.

Increasing the targets of greenhouse gas emissions and placing climate changeat centre of her campaign, a Germany that encourages renewable energies and begins phasing out nuclear and coal could be on the horizon.

Annalena Baerbock, October 3rd 2020:

Baerbock has been attempting to shed light on crucial environmental matters, setting goals and targets by showing people that being headed by a Green Party does not pose a threat to the welfare and the economy, but quite to the contrary. She is attempting to show that it will harness and sustain it in the long run, ensuring the well-being of people and the environment.

A Green German Chancellor?

Although this coming fall election remains a couple months away, German Greens continue to fly high in opinion polls giving them a good chance at forming the new government. Baerbock’s unprecedented success to date gives Germany’s Green Party significant potential in which case a Green Chancellor no longer seems so unlikely. Baerbock’s potential to succeed Merkel as chancellor will undoubtedly have significant implications on the whole of European politics. The young Baerbock’s success could change the image and change the minds of Europeans regarding Green politics, and making “going green” a “progressive and realistic alternative”. Germany has sometimes been referred to as the most powerful state in the European Union, will send a very powerful message should their next Chancellor emerge from the country’s Green Party. Professor Merkel has said that it will be an inspiration to Europeans of what is possible and what will pay off. If the German Greens succeed in forming the new government, European politicians will feel encouraged and motivated to give green politics and policies a place in governance.

Although she’s seen unprecedented success, victory is not guaranteed and the race is far from over. As Merkel’s time as Chancellor nears its end, Germany’s Green Party continues to concentrate on the country’s effective reform.

Marina Nicolas

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