An extraordinary result for the South Tyrolean Greens in the European elections. With more than 30,000 preferential votes, Brigitte Foppa achieved success which far exceeded expectations. The Verdi-Sinistra alliance obtained 6.7 percent and therefore 6 seats in the European Parliament. South Tyrol’s mandate was narrowly missed.

In South Tyrol, the Greens, with Brigitte Foppa, established themselves as the second political force in the country after the UDC with 15.7% of the vote. “A clear sign that the Greens are succeeding in mobilizing,” said Elide Mussner, co-spokeswoman of the Greens. Brigitte Foppa emerged victorious from this extraordinary electoral campaign for social, economic and ecological justice. South Tyrol wanted more than just representation in Brussels, these elections clearly showed that.

“This is an extraordinary result which confirms my work of recent years,” declared Brigitte Foppa, satisfied with the result for her and for her party. “There was so much support and hope for multi-vote representation in Europe. I would have liked to do it. Now I will stay in the state parliament. That should also please a lot of people, at least that is is the feedback I received many times,” Foppa said.

Brigitte Foppa’s result was extraordinary: 16.7 percent in Bolzano, 20.19 percent in Brixen, 18.9 percent in Merano and 22.08 percent in Brunico. Things also went very well in Ladinia, where she even obtained 25.3 percent in Ortisei. At the party headquarters in Bolzano, people joked about the “Oscar for political career” awarded to Brigitte Foppa with this result.

“The result throughout South Tyrol gives us positive momentum for the future,” said Luca Bertolini, co-spokesperson of the Greens: “We will continue to defend all people and will do so with conviction in the next elections local.”

However, the low turnout is worrying, because not even 50 percent of South Tyroleans voted. The Greens are convinced that they have helped bring those who are tired of voting to the polls. This is shown by the figures, which have increased for the Greens, while for others the absolute figures have decreased significantly.

The Greens remain the alternative for those who believe that social development must be in harmony with economic and ecological development.

Billy Omeonga

Billy Omeonga graduated in Journalism and Creative Writing. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I am currently pursuing an MBA at the University of the People in the United States of America. I love activities that involve ideas and critical thinking. I am passionate about nature and protecting the environment. I believe in protecting our planet and its natural resources. I hate dishonest and pessimistic people. Honesty is an integral part of my view of the world and it is a value in which I strongly believe. I speak French and English fluently. In my free time, I like to read and play the piano. Also, I disapprove of the unreliability. I am a reliable person, so I expect a certain level of reliability from those I am reliable to.

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