Three Years after Brexit, Green Party Demands UK be ‘Rejoin-Ready

The Green Party of the United Kingdom has called for the country to be prepared to rejoin the European Union as the country marks three years since its exit from the bloc. The party’s statement emphasized the need for the UK to maintain strong ties with Europe and to be in a position to rejoin the EU if the circumstances change in the future.

The Green Party’s call comes as the UK marks three years since the historic vote to leave the European Union, a decision that has had far-reaching impacts on the country’s politics, economy, and society. While some have argued that the UK’s exit from the EU has been a positive development, others have pointed to the many challenges the country has faced since leaving the bloc, including economic uncertainty and political division.

“Only the Green Party has the courage to consider reversing this huge political mistake and question whether it would be better if the UK were to return to the EU.”

Green Party of UK co-leader Carla Denyer

The Green Party has long been a strong advocate for the UK’s reentry into the EU, arguing that membership in the bloc would bring numerous benefits to the country, including increased economic stability, greater environmental protections, and stronger international cooperation. The party’s latest statement reinforces this position, calling on the UK government to be prepared for the possibility of rejoining the EU in the future.

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