The Turkish Greens announced the creation of their political party named “Green Party” since 2020, and they had at the time applied to the Ministry of Interior to obtain the documents which would allow them to operate officially in the country. But the new party encountered resistance from the Interior Ministry, which refused to approve the establishment of the party in Turkey.

The case was taken to court to restore the new Turkish Green Party to its most legitimate rights. A complaint was, to this end, filed by the Green Party on March 22, 2022, accusing the Ministry of the Interior of having prevented it from completing the process of founding the party by not issuing a “certificate of receipt “.

This week, the court ruled in favor of the Turkish Green Party.
A court in Ankara found the Interior Ministry guilty of trying to prevent the establishment of the Green Party by not providing the necessary documents.

Ankara’s 8th Administrative Court ruled that the Interior Ministry had committed an “unfair act” against the Green Party on the grounds that the former had “actually prevented the establishment of the party by not issuing receipts for documents required for its establishment.”

It was on its Twitter social media account that the Green Party announced the decision and said: “As millions of people suffer and worry about their future, we would like to share with you with bitter joy the decision of the 8th Administrative Court of Ankara in our favor and finding the Interior Ministry unfair.”

The court pointed out that political parties become legal persons upon presentation of the necessary documents to the Ministry of Interior and that it is mandatory for the ministry to issue a “receipt” document as soon as the information and documents are received.

The court recalled that it is not up to the ministry not to issue the document if all the conditions are met.

The court issued a stay of execution in September 2022, ruling that the ministry’s action was “unlawful”.

When it was created in 2020, the party had 110 founding members, with equal participation of men and women. The New Green Party had set itself the goal of developing unique and radical policies to deal with the political and economic impacts of the climate crisis.

He had announced his 10 key principles as follows: “Harmony with nature, fight against the climate crisis, peace and non-violence, social equality of the sexes and feminism, global struggle, local and direct democracy, sustainability, equitable distribution, free life and pluralism”.

“There is now a green party in Turkey, Koray Doğan Urbarlı who is one of the presidents of the party was delighted, green politics has been on the rise for some time in the world but it is a new concept in Turkey,” he added.

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