Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the UK, has faced much criticism in recent months. Although he won with a landslide in the 2019 elections, the population and politicians from both major parties are no longer satisfied with his work.

Since 2019, Johnson has faced corruption allegations, has broken laws, and has been caught lying while trying to cover them up. Johnson’s actions are leaving the population with no trust for the government, which can have major repercussions in the near future.

On June 6th, 2022, Johnson faced a vote of no-confidence from his own Conservative party. Surprisingly, the outcome was in the prime minister’s favour. Many believed the results of the vote would have been different, considering the majority of Conservative MP’s voted to have a no-confidence vote in the first place. Many speculate the reason the vote went in Johnson’s favour is because he had no clear successor. Had Johnson lost the vote, five other politicians would need to compete as potential substitutes.

Johnson ended up winning the vote, and population hoped this situation would act as a wake-up call for him. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Johnson has told sources that the negative allegations against him only exist because he is the media’s obsession, and the outcome of the vote would put an end to the obsession and let the world move on to focus on what is important. 

The UK Green Party have issued many statements and allegations toward Boris Johnson, but ultimately they believe it is not only Johnson who is the issue, but the entire Conservative party.

“However, it is clear that Boris Johnson is not the only bad apple. The entire Conservative tree is rotten to the core. This government is in complete disarray at a time when we need true leadership, and a government people can trust. Yet all we are seeing from the Conservative party is increasingly desperate attempts to cling on to power and save its own skin”.

Adrian Ramsay, press release, June 6th 2022.

The UK Green Party recognizes that Johnson is not the only one to blame. From the disappointing evacuation of troops in Afghanistan, to the cost-of-living crisis, all Conservative MP’s have their role to play on an international and local level.

            The Green Party believes that while Johnson and his team are the ones making the mistakes, the rest of the public are the ones paying for them. Adrian Ramsay, Green Party co-leader believes it is time for a change. Time for a government who can be held accountable, a prime minister who will admit to their mistakes and who will put his country first.

Catherine Harvey

Catherine is an undergraduate student at Concordia University, pursuing a BA in Political Science with a minor in Law and Society. She focuses on international relations, foreign policy, and human rights. She is fighting for a brighter future for people in need.

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