Amid controversy surrounding a leaked video showing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s staff members joking about last year’s Downing Street Christmas Party, the UK Greens have released a statement calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign.

In the video, recently released by ITV News, Johnson’s former press secretary Allegra Scranton, is seen laughing with advisor to the prime minister, Ed Oldfield, about whether or not Johnson would condone such an event while the country was under coronavirus lockdown.

According to reports, the party was held December 18th 2020, when gatherings of more than two people were prohibited in the UK.

While the Green’s have been particularly outspoken about the issue, they are far from the only political figures to see this new scandal as the last straw for Johnson. Politicians from all over the British political spectrum have spoken out in the last few days, calling on Johnson to step down from his post.

Ian Blackford, Leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons, called for Johnson’s resignation, stating that the PM is “responsible for losing the trust of the people” and can “no longer lead on the most pressing issue facing [the UK].”

Similarly, ‘Labour Party’ health secretary, Wes Streeting, took to twitter, accusing Johnson of undermining public trust, distracting from “key public health messaging at a critical time,” and not being “up to the job” of leading the country through the rest of the pandemic.

Not Johnson’s First Time Under Fire

Prime Minister since 2019, Johnson’s time in office has been mired by scandal and controversy. From his slow response to Covid-19, to his often erratic behaviour, to allegations of sleaze and corruption, it seems as though Johnson has been under heavy criticism throughout the entirety of his term.

According to UK Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer, this new scandal, however, should mark the end of the road for Johnson as PM.

“The public have clearly lost trust in this government of corruption, incompetence and buffoonery, and a large majority want Boris Johnson to resign,” states Denyer. “They’re right,” she continues. “This disastrous Prime Minister is an embarrassment to the country and has done enough harm to justify resignation five times over by now. Through his own actions and inaction, his loss of public trust, and his willingness to bend to the will of his backbenchers, he is a threat to public health. He must go,” added the Green Party co-leader.

While it remains to be seen what the true consequences of the new controversy will be for PM Johnson – he already announced an investigation into the events will be carried out – it is clear that many in the UK are just as outraged as the Greens, if not more.

Jules Ownby

Jules is a journalist and podcast producer from Montreal, Canada. His areas of interest are the politics of the Americas as well issues surrounding immigration.

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