The Australian Greens Victoria, commonly known as the Victorian Greens, have just strengthened their code of conduct to ensure the protection of all their members and other individuals against any form of discrimination or social injustice.
The Victoria Greens want to ensure that their party remains a safe and welcoming space for all. This strengthening of rules of good conduct comes after the observation made on the increasing vilification of trans and gender diverse people in society.

The new clause added to the code of conduct makes it clear that engaging in transphobia, which includes acts of discrimination, defamation and denial of the existence of non-binary genders, is a violation of standards of behavior for members.

“We will not tolerate any behavior by members that harms or seriously threatens to harm trans people as a group because of their gender identity,” read a statement posted on the party’s website.

The Australian Greens Victoria are committed to continually improving their culture, rules and political platform to enable trans and gender people to fully participate in the movement without harm. The Green Party says it recognizes the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and welcome.

“Our movement has always been committed to improving and representing our policies in action. We will continue to do what is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of our members,” they concluded.

Recall that the Australian Greens Victoria was formed in 1992, in response to the formation of the Australian Greens which brought together pre-existing green parties in Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT. The first election the Greens contested in Victoria was the 1993 federal election. The party contested La Trobe’s seat.
They first had an impact in 1994 with two exceptional results in the by-elections: 21% in Coburg and 28% in Kooyong. They were among the best results ever achieved by a small party in Australian history.

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