(MELBOURNE, Australia)— The North East Link road expansion announcement on October 28th has left the Victorian Green Party highlighting the issue of climate change.

The North East Link is the largest financial investment in Melbourne’s northeast. It has announced 6.5 km road tunnels, a lower plenty road interchange, busway,  walk, and cycling pathways, double the amount of highway lanes, community spaces, fitness areas, and wetlands, to name a few according to the announcement.

Melbourne VIC, Australia by Pat Whelen via Unsplash

“Talk about shameless greenwashing. This is a project that’s ploughing a massive tollway through sensitive urban green spaces and putting an extra 100,000 cars on the road for more carbon emissions and air pollution,” said Victorian Greens transport spokesperson Sam Hibbins MP on Greens Victoria.

The estimated 11.1 billion dollar project, according to The Age, is under Labor Party Leader, Premier Daniel Andrews, and it will be completed between 2027 and 2028.

“In a climate crisis, when transport is our biggest growing source of emissions, spending billions of dollars on a mega tollway is nothing short of environmental and economic vandalism,” said Hibbins MP.


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