As the May 6th election date for the Wales Senedd approaches, lets assess what the Wales Green Party looks to accomplish in the coming term.

Early March 2021 The Wales Green Party Released their 2021 Manifesto ‘Transform Wales‘ which focuses on the party’s ‘Green Guarantee’, a ten point outline of the party’s priorities. Note worthy of this ambitious manifesto is the party’s Green New Deal, that introduces a proposition for Green Transformation Bonds (GTB).

The GTB would be issued out to promote individuals and organizations to invest towards a ‘roll-out’ of green new infrastructure to Wales. This proposal is unique in that the bonds would secure a return and money savings for investors while also providing immediate financing that the government can allocate into a green transition. This is in stark contrast to other party manifestos such as those of the Liberal Democratic Party or Plaid Cymru that propose flat stimulus packages to support green transitions.

True to the nature of the party, The Manifesto also outlines the environmentally focused intentions the party has, including:

  • Meeting a net zero carbon emission for 2030
  • Promoting biodiversity in Wales
  • Advocating for a carbon tax
  • Promoting a bill to ban single use plastics
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Also in the priority list are the 12 000 new homes built in Wales every year that will be held to the highest environmental standards. This projection is a notable increase to the Labour party’s 20 000 affordable homes built over the last term. The Labour party also developed anInnovative Housing Programme for new and innovative housing designs‘ that has intentions of developing 1 900 homes with a standard that meets challenges such as climate change.

In the last election, held in 2016, the Green Party did not gain a seat; however, Anthony Slaughter, the Leader of the Welsh Green Party, is extremely optimistic this coming election, saying, “Wales Green Party have never been closer to winning seats in the Senedd“.

Pushing towards success, Slaughter and the Green Party launched a petition in early April aimed towards BBC news for not including them in an imperative debate1. Claiming that excluding potential seat winning parties from the debate was wrong. With support from the public, BBC reversed their decision and the coming debates will include the party, getting the Greens that much closer to deserved recognition this election.

In light of this win for the Greens, Anthony Slaughter states,

”We are in a climate emergency, and Wales faces huge economic and social challenges. Only the Green Party have a plan to transform Wales and secure our future, by investing locally in communities. So, despite our reservations we will be at the debate, because Wales needs to hear the Green Party’s unique message more than ever.”2

Joby Moffat

Joby is from small town Manitoba, Canada. Moving to the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba to pursue his interest in preserving the outdoors he grew up in, Joby attained a Bachelors of Environmental Studies with a minor in economics. Joby holds a strong dedication to the idea that efficient & effective environmental policy and regulation is the key to drive an environmentally sustainable economy and has directed all supplementary education towards putting that principal into practice. As a writer, Joby enjoys covering Green parties relationships with the public and the new and exciting initiatives that are created from these connections.

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