FILE – This April 3, 2013, file photo shows bitcoin tokens in Sandy, Utah. A German software developer who made a fortune from bitcoin has given the environmentalist Greens one of the biggest political donations in the country’s history in the hope that the party will win this year’s national election and consider banning the digital currency. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

In September of this year the “Bundestag Election”, or the parliament election will occur in Germany. A generous donator made one of the biggest political donations in Germany’s history to the Green party (Die Grünen). Moritz Schmidt donated one million euros (about 1.2 million dollars) to the Green party. Unlike in North America, donations of this size are rare for political parties in Europe.

Moritz Schmidt is a 39 years old, from the northeastern town Greifswald. He is a software developer that made money in cryptocurrency (around two millions euros, 2.4m$), mainly by slowly selling his bitcoin. He told Associated Press News “I have benefitted immensely from the bitcoin bubble. It’s been a wild ride, and the proceeds are unearned riches really”

According to ABC News, Moritz Schmidt made the donation because he wanted to help the environment issues affecting his country. Moreover, he contributed to the party instead of associations or companies, because he thinks it would have more impact on the country, and the fight against climate change.

“giving it to a political party that has environmentalism as its core value will have a much bigger impact.”- Moritz Schmidt

Although the Bitcoin mining process has an impact on the environment, it was not mentioned by the German Green party when they accepted his donation. This is also Moritz Schmidt’s first time on the political donors list.

Election in the Fall

Thanks to Mr Schmidt’s donations the Green party will have solid resources for the election coming up on September 26, in which Annalena Baerbock was chosen as the Green party candidate. The Green party has stated they want the cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to be traceable, but made no comment about the emissions they created.

The Green party led by Annalena Baerbock and the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) with Armin Laschet are the favorites for the upcoming election, with the Green party having 23% and the CDU having 25% of the intended votes . It is a new era for German politics, as traditionally the SDP (Socialist Democratic Party) is the other major political force in the country and “Die Grünen” is usually last.

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