Whitney Greenleaf Demands Action on Housing Shortage in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Green Party spokesperson Whitney Greenleaf, has highlighted the impact of homelessness on society. In a recent statement, Brooks emphasized that homelessness affects everyone, regardless of gender, age, or race.

“Homelessness is not just one thing,” Greenleaf said. “We see it every day, even if we don’t pay attention. That man sitting on the side of the sidewalk could very well be homeless, and I guarantee that everyone has at least one person close to them who has known someone who was homeless or has experienced housing insecurity.”

Greenleaf also pointed out that the definition of housing goes beyond just four walls and a roof. According to her, housing should provide a safe place for people to live and include basic necessities such as running water and heat.

“You can’t just give people a place to live, it has to be a safe place to live,” Whitney Greenleaf said. “In order for landlords to legally rent an apartment, it must be equipped with running water and heat, and that’s just the bare minimum.”

The Saskatchewan Green Party is committed to addressing the issue of homelessness and promoting safe and affordable housing for everyone. She emphasized that housing is a fundamental right and called for more action to be taken to ensure that everyone has access to it.

“We need to take steps to address this issue and ensure that everyone has a safe and affordable place to live,” Whitney Greenleaf said. “Housing is more than just four walls and a roof, it’s a basic necessity for everyone.”

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