Following a vote by London Green Party members, Zoë Garbett – a councilor in Hackney since 2022 – was selected to contest the election.
Ms Garbett, 35, eliminated two other candidates in the internal competition, winning 51.2% of the vote. Islington councilor Benali Hamdache came second with 26.5% and former London MEP Scott Ainslie came third with 20.5%.

Zoë said she was delighted to have been chosen to be the Green Party’s candidate for mayor of London. She spoke of her plans to make London a greener and fairer city with measures such as free buses for young people and cleaner ways to use the Silvertown Tunnel.
The Greens are the third party in London and the first to select both a London mayoral candidate and candidates for the London-wide Assembly list after a successful selection process in early February.

Garbett’s candidacy has received backing from high-level Greens, including the party’s only MP, Caroline Lucas, the party’s former co-leader, Siân Berry, and London Assembly Member, Caroline Russell.

As a councillor, Garbett rose to prominence within the Green Party for her work on behalf of Deliveroo riders and her solidarity with the IWGB union. She also played a key role in overhauling the Greens’ drug policy.

“Every day, the Greens put our values ​​into practice – and people love what they see. Imagine what a green London could look like! We have the energy, the ideas and the candidates to deliver our most ambitious campaign in on this day – not just to set the agenda, but to make town hall green in 2024,” said the new environmentalist candidate for mayor of London.


She promised to continue the Green Party’s current work in London to tackle the city’s problems:

“Londoners need a campaigning mayor – who will stand up for them, fight austerity and fight for more rights. This includes more delegated powers to London, but more importantly – more power for residents to make decisions about their lives, homes and communities. We understand the issues facing Londoners. We are ready to It is time for a policy change and we are ready,” she said.

The Green Party came third in London’s last three municipal elections – three points ahead of the Liberal Democrats in the 2021 contest.

In May 2024, Londoners will go to the polls to elect a new mayor. Labor’s Sadiq Khan will seek an unprecedented third term. We now know who will also be the candidate of the Green Party. This mayoral election will be run under the first-past-the-post system for the first time after the Tories made changes to the 2022 Elections Act. In previous elections, Londoners could express two preferences in elections, the second preference being taken into account if their first preference was not in the first two places.

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