The results of BC elections of 2020 were received on 24th of October, and the Green Party has successfully held 3 seats in the legislature after the victory of BC Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau in Cowichan Valley with 8,631 votes, Adam Olsen in Saanich North with 10,726 votes, and Jeremy Valeriote in West Vancouver- Sea to Sky with 7,019 total votes. 

This year’s BC elections were different from any previous year as it was the candidates’ first-time campaigning during a global pandemic. 

Contrary to NDPs desire for an early election in these dire circumstances, green leader Furstenau saw that there was a necessity of government cooperation to best serve British Columbian communities in these uncertain times. In one of her statements, she said that while NDP’s call for the fall election was intended to eliminate opponents, the Green MLAs will still hold the government accountable even with NDP’s majority government formation.

MLA Sonia Furstenau became the new leader not long ago before BC provincial elections, she won enough votes in the second poll over other BC Green Party candidates Cam Brewer and Kim Darwin, to become the new BC green party leader in September 14, 2020. A week later she began campaigning for the provincial elections after the NDP pushed for a fall election, undermining the seriousness of the current health crisis. 

The three BC Green Party MLAs have had a warm and uplifting experience throughout their campaign operations as they received an enormous amount of encouragement, support, and endorsements from their local communities and colleagues.

“I’m both amazed and humbled by the hard work, determination and support that people have shown to this campaign”

Sonia Furstenau, BC Green Party Leader – Retrieved from Furstenau’s social media

With many specific requirements to keep everybody safe while campaigning, the leader of the green party relied on physically distanced debates, discussions, interviews, signs, flyers, and many events to gain the support of the public. Furstenau’s political vision for BC has always been clear and she made sure to inform people in Cowichan Valley of the green’s principles and values in her campaign process.

Green Adam Olsen reached out to the people of Vancouver- Saanich North and the Islands for his re-election. Throughout the campaign, he connected with many existing and new supporters with the help of enthusiastic volunteers and discussed courses of actions and hot topics during his virtual discussion sessions and interviews on social media. In addition, he organized campaign stops and sign waves in Saanich North. Olsen and his team worked hard to address issues such as housing affordability and climate change that are of high importance to British Columbians. Regardless of this year’s exceptional situation, Olsen expressed on social media that it has been an exciting campaign and that he has been “humbled by the incredible team of volunteers that lifted the re-election campaign”. 

“Running a campaign in a snap election is quite the experience. One that I could not have done without the incredible volunteers and supporters many of whom have been by my side since day 1.”

Jeremy Valeriote, BC Green Party MLA in West Vancouver – Sea to Sky – Retrieved from Valeriote’s social media.

Jeremy Valeriote began his campaign around the end of September 2020 to be the first BC Green MLA candidate for West Vancouver- Sea to Sky in British Columbia. He is an advocate for the public’s well-being and environment’s safety. To influence voters into making a Green choice, he consecrated time meeting people to talk about BC green policies and public concerns. In addition, he participated in debates with other MLA candidates and communicated on important affairs during his campaign. Valeriote doesn’t only believe in improving public and climate health, but he also believes in political parties’ duty in serving the interest of the public, rather than their own. For that reason, the Green MLA is expected to strongly lead West Vancouver- Sea to sky to a better and healthier future.

In a brief recap of the provincial elections period, it is notable to remember the Greens platform in British Columbia which focused on maintaining the communities’ well-being and assisting the economy. It included supporting local and small businesses during the pandemic, prioritizing climate actions, investing in affordable housing and affordable renting, defending indigenous rights, and building stronger communities by providing basic income and convenient childcare to parents.

With 3 seats in the legislature this year, the BC Greens have successfully proved their capacity to work alongside the government for the people of British Columbia.

Lojain Azzam

Lojain Azzam is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and is currently working toward a BA degree in Political Science at Concordia University. She believes in a just world where everyone is equal and the economy goes hand in hand with the environment. To progress into this kind of world, she has taken a decision to set her life journey to be a meaningful and informative one. Lojain is determined to provide credible and authentic news coverage to the audience through her journalism at Global Green News.

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