Under the new cooperation deal, the co-leaders of the Green Party are appointed to Ministerial positions on Climate Change and the prevention of family and sexual violence.

The Greens signed the cooperation agreement with the re-elected Labour Party government, led by Jacinda Ardern, on October 31.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand co-leader James Shaw will continue as the Minister of Climate Change and serve as the Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity). Meanwhile, Māori co-leader Marama Davidson will be appointed to the new position of Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence. She will also serve as Associate Minister of Housing (Homelessness).

Cooperation between the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand and the centre-left Labour Party is not new. In October 2017, the Confidence and Supply Agreement between the two parties marked the first term of the Green Party in New Zealand government.

The Labour Party and Green Party together have gained about 57% of the vote in the election last month. However, the new arrangement is neither a coalition agreement nor another confidence and supply agreement.

From a press release by the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand on October 31:

The Green Party will support the Labour Government on procedural motions in the House and at Select Committees.

The Green Party will determine its own position in relation to any policy or legislative matter not covered by the ministerial portfolios and areas of cooperation set out in this agreement.


The agreement will allow increased cooperation on the Zero Carbon Act, a new Biodiversity Strategy, and attention to homelessness and youth wellbeing.

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Sarah Cui

Sarah Cui is in her fourth year of undergraduate studies in Environment, Resources and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo. Her background is intercultural, having grown up in both Ottawa and northwestern China. Her areas of interest include environmental policy, degrowth and conservation. In her free time, Sarah enjoys connecting with friends, hiking, identifying plants and learning a new language.

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