Sunday, February 28, 2021
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England’s Green Party welcomes US’ return to Paris Climate Agreement

The Green Party of England and Wales has recently announced their support for the US re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement. President Biden...

GPC: Decriminalize Drug Use by Canada Day 2021

In an online press conference last Wednesday February 17, Annamie Paul, on behalf of the Green Party of Canada, calls for Canada...

Green Party of Canada Campaigning for the Relocation of 2022 Beijing Olympics in Protest of Uyghur Atrocities

In the wake of the Uyghur massacre, the Green Party of Canada is asking to relocate the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Leader,...

Green Grows in the Prairies: Green Party of Alberta’s New Youth Caucus is up and Running

A new team of inspired young Greens has developed in Alberta, Canada to support the Canadian prairie...

The North Carolina Green Party Is At Risk Of No Longer Being Recognized As A Political Party.

Following the 2020 elections, the Green Party and the Constitution Party might no longer be recognized in North Carolina due to their...

First Green Deputy Elected in Venezuela

Alejandro Aguilera became the first representative of the Ecological Movement of Venezuela to win a seat in the National Assembly in...

“Treat Migrant Workers as the Essential Workers They Are”: Ontario’s Green Party Leader Asks Provincial Government for More Action amidst COVID-19 Outbreaks

TORONTO, ON - Mike Schreiner, Ontario’s Green Party Leader, demands further efforts from Doug Ford’s government to protect temporary migrant workers who...

B.C. Greens Welcome Expert Panel’s Targeted Basic Income Supports

B.C Greens welcome expert panel's targeted basic income supports recommendations

‘Garbage Mountain’: New Brunswick Greens Express Need for Better Waste Management

Leader of the New Brunswick Greens, David Coon, has urged the province to improve their waste management after the Fredericton Solid Waste...

The Green Party of the United States Calls for a National Task Force to Solve the Disappearances of Black Women and Girls

Green Party of the United States: As Black Women and Girls Go Missing, and the Media and the Police Do Little, a National Task Force is Required to Address the Issue

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