In the Republic of Malta, the southern European island country located in the Mediterranean Sea, the Green Party has denounced the low budget allocated to the education sector in next year’s budget, calling the government miserly towards educators and students.
In a speech to the media in front of the Education Ministry, ADPD President Sandra Gauci showed that instead of investing in the university and MCAST, the government chose to reward waste with subsidies which she described as “random” » and which do not reduce dependence on imported energy and pollution.
Considering that the government continues to ignore the traffic problems and the ever-increasing public debt, the ADPD president lamented that due to the nepotism of the two main parties of Air Malta, the government will have to disburse 92 million euros from people’s taxes to cover early retirement plans, instead of those funds being invested in the University and MCAST. Gauci believes that next year’s budget does not provide for a long-term future, especially since elementary school, middle school, and MCAST teachers are still working under an expired collective bargaining agreement.

ADPD – The Green Party says budget is stingy on education

For his part, the Deputy Secretary General of the ADPD, Mario Mallia, described as worrying the fact that a quarter of the country’s students do not continue their studies after completing secondary education. Mallia said the government should not continue to boast of a strong economy while students complete compulsory education with minimal skills or compete with exploited workers in low-paid jobs. Ms Mallia said educators’ salaries should be significantly increased in order to attract the best minds to the profession.
As a reminder, the ADPD – Green Party of Malta is a progressive political party, born from the merger of Alternattiva Demokratika and Partit Demokratiku.

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