Sunday, December 3, 2023

Jonathan Pedneault Gives In To Pressure – Is No Longer Calling For Peace Talks

After calling for peace talks to resolve the war in Ukraine, Jonathan Pedneault, deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada has published a...

President Nicolas Maduro welcomes the creation of a new green party in Venezuela

A new green party has just emerged in the Venezuelan landscape. It is called "The Green Party of Venezuela", essentially composed of...

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Valérie Gemme

Valérie Gemme graduated from Concordia University with a BA in Spanish, Hispanic Cultures and Literatures and a Minor in English Literature. She is currently pursuing a Certificate in Digital Marketing - Web Applications. She has travelled the world for many years as a flight attendant. Her passions include travel, literature and new technologies. She practices a minimalist lifestyle and has an interest in sustainable and off-the-grid living.

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