The European elections will take place in 2024 but the date is not yet official. It will be announced a few months before the elections. Malta’s green party ADPD is, for its part, already in battle order to take an active part in these elections which should a priori be held at the end of May, as in 2019.
Ralph Cassar, Sandra Gauci and Mina Jack Tolu are therefore the three candidates who will represent the party in these elections. They have been validly approved by the executive of the ADPD The Green Party.

ADPD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said that these three candidates envision the future of a Europe that focuses on people’s needs and the need for a clean and transparent environment and that does not pander to greed for money. ADPD added it does not exclude that other candidates will be approved.

“We are honored to present 3 excellent candidates for next year’s European Parliament elections, each of whom is known for their commitment and representation of green politics at local, national and European level. They reflect a future of Europe which focuses on the needs of people and the environment, which is clean, transparent and does not bend to the will of corporate greed,”

Party leader Carmel Cacopardo stated after the endorsement of three candidates by the party’s executive committee.

“At a time when we see centre-right parties stepping up their ties with the far right across Europe, it is more important than ever to have three strong candidates who stand up for diversity, equality and a aware of the complex link between humanity and the environment. I thank Ralph, Sandra and Mina Jack for their commitment. We do not rule out approving more candidates in the future,”

concluded Cacopardo.

Cassar, who is currently an MCAST lecturer by profession, is the general secretary of the party and had joined ADPD precursor Alternattiva Demokratika in 1992, remaining active with the Greens in Malta ever since.

Gauci, an Italian language teacher, had joined the Partit Demokratiku in 2020, just days before the formation of the ADPD through its merger with AD, and is currently the ADPD’s vice-president.

Mina Jack Tolu – who had also been a candidate in the 2019 European elections – is currently the international secretary of the ADPD, a committee member of the European Green Party and an advisory member of the Federation of Young European Greens. They had joined AD in 2017 and have been active as LGBTQI activists since 2010.

Malta’s Green Party ADPD is a progressive political party, born from the merger of Alternattiva Demokratika and Partit Demokratiku. Together, these two small parties won under 3% of the vote in the 2017 general election.

To be more specific, Malta is an island state in southern Europe located in the middle of the Mediterranean, 93 kilometers south of Sicily.

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